Journey to the West - At Chenzhen

Literature of antiquity and the Middle Ages - Summary - 2019

Journey to the West
At Chenzhen

Xuanzan was dedicated to the monks from childhood, and he possessed the only desire: to comprehend the great teachings of the Buddha. The most gracious godin Guanin long ago, on the orders of the Buddha, was looking for a man who could go to sacred books and bring them to China. Such a man turned out to be a virtuous Tan monk Xuanzan, who went on the goddess's will and, with the consent of the emperor to the West, to far-away India.
On the way, the monk met the monkey, Sun Ukun. Five hundred years ago, he had done a deboz in the palace of Heaven, and the only way to get rid of the punishment was to pilgrimage him to holy books and to help Xuanzan on his difficult journey.
Many obstacles were encountered by travelers. Once they collided with a terrible werewolf, completely covered with black bristles, with a pork snout and huge ears. Between Sun Ukun and the werewolf, a famine broke out, but, having learned about the purpose of the pilgrimage, he was alive and volunteered to accompany the travelers. Xuangxiang gave him the name Zhu Baze.
The Than monk and his disciples, crossing the spells of evil forces, moved to the West, as long as the river of the streaming sands was not blocked by them. As soon as the pilgrims approached, the river was intimidated and the monster popped out of the water, ugly and ferocious in appearance. The monkey and the boars entered the battle with him, but they could not overcome it. I had to ask for help from the godin Guianin himself. When the travelers, on the instructions of the goddess, called the werewolf his monastic name, he immediately settled down and volunteered to accompany them to India. They called him Shasan.
The days and nights were pilgrims almost without respite. A lot of terrible devils had to avoid them. One day, a tall mountain, a dwelling place of fierce monsters, which devoured travelers, was blocked by them. Sun Ukong went to the reconnaissance and found out: in the Lotus cave there live two lords of the demons caught with the help of the secret signs of the traveling monks.
Meanwhile, the behemoth demons did not sleep. They learned about our travelers and even stocked their pictures so that the occasion would not eat anyone else. They first stumbled upon Zhu Baze. A fierce battle started. Twenty enemies were gripped, but not one overcame. Zhu fought not for life, but for death. Werewolf called for help. The demons broke out all the way and drove a wild boar into a cave.
But demons were more interested in the Thai monk. They moved in search and encountered Sun Ukun. He looked so threatening that the demons were frightened and decided to act cunning. One of them turned a wandering Taoist monk and began to call for help. Xuangxiang caught a bait. Upon learning that the Taoist had damaged his leg, he commanded Sun Ukun to put him on a javelin and bring him to the monastery.
The monkey solved a demonic trick, but the beanwoman sparked a spell at once, and the three heavy mountains pushed Sun to the ground, while Demon seized the monk. Shasan rushed to the rescue. The battle was boiling. Here, Shaçan fell into the shoulders of a werewolf, who tore his prey into a cave. It was left to catch the monkey.
But Sun Ukun managed to free himself from the mountains that drowned him and took the form of immortal Taoist. He told his demons demanding that he was looking for a malicious monkey. He so choked his head with his tricks that they voluntarily gave him a magic pumpkin, with whose help he was going to catch it. Fearing punishment, the demons returned to the cave, and Sun turned into a fly, followed them and cleared out all their secrets.
It turned out that the main talisman - the golden cord - is stored at the old witch, the mother of one of the demons. After him, the trainers were equipped at once. Only Sun Ukun overslept everyone: he killed the scoundrels, cut off with the sorceress, and then, taking her look, he penetrated into the cavern to the demons.
As soon as the imaginary witch talked to the masters of the cave, the werewolves sniffed about deception. A demon named Serebrynenogory dressed himself in armor and joined Sun Ukun in battle. The monkey had a golden cord stolen from the witch, but she did not know the secret spell, the slave demon. That one managed to twist the King of the monkeys and tied it to the ceiling beam. Only Sun, having pulled off his wool, blushed on her, she turned into a file, with which he had shoved his shackles. And then he freed the Than monk with his companions.
But on this did not end the trials that fell on the pilgrims' share. Evil forces fought against the supporters of the true doctrine to prevent them from obtaining sacred books.
Once travelers saw a huge mountain. It seemed that she had eclipsed the sun and stood in the roof of heaven. Suddenly a red cloud broke out of the gorge, flown upward, and a fire burned in the sky. The monkey's king realized that they were cheated by an evil spirit. And in fact, here the werewolf long awaited the Tank monk, intending to eat it and become immortal. But he realized that the teachers were guarding brave students, and without cunning he could not do it. He pretended to be abandoned and began to call for help. However, Sun Ukun was able to recognize the unclean power and warned Xuanzan. Then the werewolf raised a mad hurricane. The Thai monk did not stand on the horse, fell from his horse and immediately fell into the hands of a villain, who rushed forward with precious prey. Sun Ukun, although he recognized the rage of an evil spirit, had not done anything.
I had to start a search. The monkey king discovered that the werewolf is called Red Babe and he dwells in the cave of the Fiery Clouds. They went there with Shasan and called the kidnapper to the battle. Twenty times the contenders came together, fought on the ground, ran in the skies. Finally, the werewolf began to swoon, but, having appeared in his cave, spoke a spell, and all around suddenly flooded with a terrible flame.
Soon Ukun came, saddening the cloud, rushing to the east sea for help. The local dragons caused a downpour, but the fire was not simple, but sacred, and everything went wild from the water. The Werewolf dusted Sun Ukuna with smoke, and so had to flee from the battlefield, and to escape from the fiery ring, the Monkey King rushed into the mountain stream. With difficulty he caught him from there loyal companions - Shasen and Zhu Buck. To win the terrible werewolf could only be with the help of the godin Guanyin. As Sun Ukun felt ill, Zhu Baze went to the goddess, but the werewolf tricked him into his cave, tricked it into a sack and hung it toward the beam, aiming to feed his children.
When Sun Ukun guessed what had happened, he rushed to the rescue. He caught a deception into the cave, and, turning himself into a fly, sat down on a beam near the bag of Zhu Buck. The wobbler, meanwhile, was about to arrange a feast. He decided to eat the Tana monk. We had to rush to the Guanine goddess for help.
Together with the goddess, the King of the Monkeys returned to the Fire Cave and summoned the werewolf to fight. As he did not boast, this time he had to be tight. The goddess pierced his body with a thousand swords, and then turned them into hooks, so that the villain did not pull them out of himself. Here the Red Babe asked for mercy. Sun Ukun and Shasen rushed to the cave, killed all to a single werewolf and freed the teacher and Zhu Buck.
After a little rest, the travelers went further. Spring and summer have passed, autumn has come. Pilgrims spent the night under the open sky, endured thirst and hunger. One day the river was blocked by the river, very deep and wide so that the opposite bank could not be seen. I had to ask for help from the locals. Those were told that they live in contentment, they only have plenty, but tormenting their terrible villain, a werewolf, who manages heavenly moisture. In exchange for blessed rains, he demands that the peasants sacrifice their children - every time a boy and one girl. Our pangs to and just appeared in the countryside on the eve of the next victim, and the family had to bring it, which sheltered them at night.
Sun Ukun and Zhu Buckley, who took the form of a boy and a girl, came to help the troubles, and in this form appeared before the cannibal. But hardly he approached, attacked him and began to take care of the forks and the staff. Werewolf just managed to escape in the waters of the river.
In the underwater palace he convened a council, intending to catch the Tank monk - only this could be rid of his mighty companions. We decided to cover the river with ice, and when the pilgrims begin crossing, the ice will crack and Xuanzan will be on the bottom. That's what they did. Having learned that the river had become, the travelers wandered around - this made the crossing much easier. But everything happened just as the werewolf and his followers had conceived. The Thai monk fell under the ice, grabbed him and tossed it into the drawer to eat again.
However Xuanzhan's assistants did not sleep. Sun Ukun rushed to the Guanjin goddess, and again he came to help the pilgrims. She threw a basket in the river on her golden belt and caught a golden fish. It turned out that the fish - this is a werewolf-eater. Meanwhile, Zhu Baze and Shaçan, searching for a path in the water, were looking for a teacher. All werewolf fish were dying. Finally, they opened the box and released Xuangxiang. And across the river they transported their huge tortoise.
Ahead of them were waiting for new tests. What just did not invent evil forces to knock down the true path of the Tank monk! Once they were blocked by impassable spiny thickets. Zhu Baze spoke a spell, rose almost to heaven and began to clear the passage. The teacher moved on, and the rest helped Zhu. It seemed that the thickets would not have the end-edge. Suddenly, an old temple arose in front of them, the gate opened, and a respectable rector appeared on the threshold. Xuanzan did not have time to answer the greeting, as the gust of the wind came and drove him away. And the abbot and the trace cold. Four of the werewolf elders, lured to their teachers, were kind of quite pious. They even offered the Tang monk to read each other verses. Soon came their friend - the Apricot fairy and began to seduct Xuanzan. Here and werewolves all in one voice began to persuade the monk to refuse to travel and marry a fairy. Then they began to threaten him. The teacher had to call for help from the students who had long been trying to find him and arrived on time. The elderly and the fairy disappeared somewhere. Sun Ukun was the first to guess at everything and showed on the old trees, grown nearby.
Zhu Buck, without thinking, hit them with pitchforks, and then shook their roots with their snatch. Blood appeared on the roots. These werewolves had to be destroyed. Otherwise, having adopted in the future a new look, they could oh how to annoy people.
So Xuanzan escaped the temptation and continued with his companions to the West. It was summer again. One day, when, exhausting from the heat, the travelers traveled along the road of cobbled piles, a woman appeared before them, saying that in front there was a state whose ruler destroys the Buddhist monks. The monkey king immediately recognized the woman in the Guanjin goddess. Then, turning the butterfly, he flew to the nearby city for reconnaissance. Soon in the courtyard of the courtyard, he saw how the merchants, laying down to bed, took off their clothes. Sol Sung Ukun decided that the travelers would enter the city under the guise of the merchants, and seamlessly stole their clothes.
The dressed-up pilgrims, having set themselves up as horse traders, settled down at the hotel for a fast. True, they feared strange views and demanded the mistress of a separate room. There was nothing better than a huge lava. I had to arrange it for the night.
The hotel servants were in collusion with the robbers. At night, they let the intruders into the hotel yard, and those who did not find the best food, decided that the garbage was full of good, and intended to steal it. The city guard began to chase. The robbers threw their prey into fear and disappeared. Lar was taken to the city administration, sealed, preparing to investigate in the morning.
Sun Ukong pulled off his wool, turned it into a drill, drilled a hole in the lake, turned an ants and climbed out. Accepted his true look and went to the palace. There he removed all the wool from his left shoulder, and turned each wool into his exact likeness. The spell was made, and instead of the staff, dark-shaking sharp razors appeared. Counting the doubles of Sun Ukun, taking razors, went to the city and to the palace, where they cut all, starting with the ruler.
In the morning, the trouble began to emerge in the palace: its inhabitants suddenly turned out to be monks. The ruler immediately realized that this was his punishment for the lost monastic life. I had to give a solemn oath to never again kill the monks. Here and then reported about the Lara found at night. But now the ruler met the pilgrims with great reverence, and they continued their journey smoothly.
And one day visitors came to visit the ruler of the county of Yasmin flowers in the country of Heavenly bamboo. The sons of the ruler ventured to learn from the companions of the Tank monk to the martial arts, for which a gunman was ordered a magic weapon. Samples were served: a staff with a golden hoop Sun Ukun, a nine-toothed Zhu Baze's fork and a staff of Shasen, a devastating unclean power. These are the magic items and stole from the gun shop a werewolf from Barsova Mountain from the cave of the tiger's mouth.
As always, Sun Ukun set off for reconnaissance. On the way to Barsova Hill he met two werewolves. From the overheard conversation, the King of the Apes realized that the werewolves were sent to buy supplies for a feast in honor of the gun. Sun blushed on them with magic breath, and those froze in place, unable to move and move. Sun Yu Kung and Zhu Bazi took the form of the Wolverine Sun-wrowned, and Shaçan portrayed a livestock merchant with whom they probably did not have enough money to pay for the purchase. So they came to Barsova Hill, chasing pigs and bulls for a feast in front of them.
The main werewolf believed in deception, and our tricks managed to seize the stolen weapons. Well, they did not spare anyone here, but split all the demons' nests. It turned out that all these are werewolfs of different animals - tigers, wolves, foxes, and the leader is a werewolf of a yellow lion. He managed to escape and rushed for help to his grandfather, also the lion-wolf. He assembled his army from the werewolf-lions and set off for battle.
Under the walls of the city, Xuanzan's companions and the werewolf-lions of all suits came face to face. The fight lasted all day. By the evening, Zhu Baze weakened, and his werewolves grabbed him.
The next day, one of the werewolves stole from the city of the Thai monk, the governor of the county and his sons. And when Sun and Shasen went to look for him, an old werewolf was thrown at them, and he had eight heads with huge zombie pastes. Everyone grabbed our soldiers, and they were captured.
At night, Sun Ukun, having freed himself from the bundle, rushed for help. He managed to find someone who once was the lord of the old lion - the lord of Taya, who lived in the palace of the Mysterious cliffs in the eastern edge of the sky. Having learned that the Great Sage escorted the Tank monk to the West, without hesitation, he agreed to go to the ground in order to calm down the Nine Head Lion.
When they arrived at the cave, Sun pulled out the werewolf from there, and the servant of the lord of Thai began to bite on the fact that there was urine. Then the lord saddled the lion, jumped to the cloud and returned home. Sun Ukun rescued the prisoners, and they all came back to the city where a magnificent feast was given in their honor.
Soon, the travelers were on the road. They still had to go and go, although the end of their journey was already not far away.
And the day came when the pilgrims finally reached the goal. The monastery of Buddha stood before them - the Miracle Mountain with the ancient monastery and the temple of the Thunderstorm. Four travelers came to the throne of Buddha, fell on their knees, hit their forehead several times on the ground, and only afterwards they reported that they had arrived on the orders of the lord of the great Tansky State located in the eastern lands for the books of the sacred doctrine to spread it to the benefit of all living beings .
The Buddha immediately ordered his near-minded travelers to the Pearl Tower and open the Precious House with books. There, pilgrims began to select the right one - they all received five thousand forty eight notebooks - as much as how many days they spent on their way. It was a complete set of Buddhist teachings. They carefully folded them down, drew on a horse, and there were still books on one beam. The Thai monk went to thank the Buddha for a generous gift, and pilgrims set out on their way back.
Ahead of them were waiting for new tests. They did not have time to approach the River Celestial, as the vortex struck, the sky was darkened, the lightning flashes, the sand and stones swirled, a terrible storm broke out that only subsided until the morning. Sun Ukun was the first to realize that this Earth and Heaven can not reconcile with the success of the pilgrimage, the deities and spirits envy, dreaming to steal precious luggage. But nothing could stop our heroes.
It should be said that the Thai emperor, having sent Xuangxiang to the West, commanded to build a "Tower for the Sacred Books" to be held near the capital, and each year it rose. He went up to the tower and on the day of the return of the pilgrims. First there was a radiance in the west, then a divine aroma was started, and travelers came down from heaven.
Xuangxing told the Emperor that from the capital to the monastery of the Buddha so far, that during this time, fourteen times the winter cold was replaced by the summer heat. The path was blocked by mountain cliffs, turbulent rivers, dense forests. Then the monk introduced the ruler to his faithful companions, and a great feast began.
But that's not all. Pilgrims should have received rewards from the Buddha itself. In one moment they brought them back to him to the palace. All were given merit. The Thai monk became the Sandalwood Buddha's Wonderful Buddha, Sun Ukun received the title of the Victory Buddha, Zhu Buckee, the Messenger, the Almight Cleaner, and Shasan became the Golden Arhat.
This completes the history of the pilgrimage of the Tank monk and three of his disciples to the West. Many trials have fallen on their share, but they have defeated evil, and good has triumphed!