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Easy walk through life with Anacreon

The word "lyrics", like many other words denoting key concepts and components of our cultural life, is of Greek origin. Since ancient times, the perceptive, inquisitive mind of the Greeks has been interested in the personality of a person, in the soul, its depth, unconditional uniqueness, beauty, bouquet of feelings and emotions. This found its vivid reflection in the mirror of lyric poetry, which arose as a special literary genre somewhere in the seventh century before the era of Christ (of course, from "lyre" - a musical instrument, to the accompaniment of which, in fact, poems were performed; a symbol of poets and inspiration, and of course, Orpheus, whose shadow just flashed past us).

In contrast to the epic, which was based on events, the lyrics conveyed people's inner experiences, the movement of feelings, the saturation and brightness of emotions, sang of love, glorified pleasures for the soul and body.

Anacreon(t) was one of the most prominent representatives of ancient Greek poetry. The solo lyrics of this artist are full of lightness and carefreeness, glorification of female beauty, glorification of wine, fun, joy. Each of us chooses how to live: some fight the storms, some go with the flow. There is also a third option: one should not forget that the one who lives fighting storms and problems is interested in their constant presence, and the one who passively "swims to where he will be" will always be carried by the waves past the green shores. Beyond struggle and its avoidance, there is much in life that is worth our attention, our energy, our study, if you will. Being is full of different elements: pleasures, bitter thoughts, fears, joys... it is up to us to choose what to choose and what to sacrifice. It seems to me, Anacreon makes his choice in favor of light and beauty, let it be in their most earthly manifestations (by the way, we can imagine their unearthly manifestations only with the help of and in comparison with these "grounded" variations, and therefore do not humiliate them), and together with Anacreon, the reader offers prayers to Dionysus, sings table hymns. Together with him, he also takes "the pectide to sing gentle songs to a gentle girl" or weaves "... fresh parsley into a fragrant wreath" to be decorated with it on the holiday...

He is dear to me, who is the Muse of gifts and golden Aphrodite

The guests will be delighted to remember and cheer up the whole house.

Anacreon is an unsurpassed master of verse, and his easy perception of life can be compared only with the grace of his lyric lines. Of course, time passes, everything changes around, there are very few real artists like this poet from Theos, but this is no reason not to learn from an outstanding Greek the lightness of steps with which, at least sometimes, it is worth walking the paths of life. Remember: life is not as simple as it seems at first glance... it is even simpler.