A. Asimov's view on the education of the future (based on the work “Professionals”) - Isaac Asimov

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A. Asimov's view on the education of the future (based on the work “Professionals”)
Isaac Asimov

Education is a really important issue. Now there is so much knowledge that the average person cannot master it. Therefore, humanity faces the danger of overproduction of knowledge.

But the idea that the writer is considering inspires horror. It turns out that the child is filled with a solution of knowledge, like a tserbeko. Let it be so. Let it be basic knowledge like the multiplication table. But a complete and unchanging block of knowledge from some field is put in her head and not a single hint is made about the possibility of replenishing or changing this amount.

The world depicted by Asimov is totalitarian, the state controls even the choice of profession, the future, and the development of the individual. The adjective "graduated" is for fools who think they are free to go wherever they want, even though they know they will never have the money to do so. Great will!

You say, it is because not all people have abilities. Let it be so. But the brilliant George is under the constant surveillance of the Security Service, its secret agent is by his side day and night, its agents accompany the fugitive George everywhere.

No, bad future! A bad system of education and upbringing, created to zombify people. But Asimov did not show the greatest tragedy: the tragedy of Hayley Omeney and others like that. They know they can't. They see geniuses. How do they feel about it?

No, a person has the right to make a mistake in choosing a life path. Then she will know that she has chosen the wrong path, but she can try again as long as she lives. No one has the right to take my choice away from me, declaring my belonging to a certain species from the age of eight.