What I liked about Gerda - Andersen Hans Christian

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What I liked about Gerda
Andersen Hans Christian

I think one of the best characters in Andersen's The Snow Queen is Gerda. She immediately attracts the attention of the reader with her kindness, responsiveness.

When the named brother Kai gets into trouble, Gerda, without hesitation for a second, goes to his rescue. The determination, courage and devotion of the girl are admirable. She is not afraid of possible dangers and hardships, she does not lose her presence of mind in the most difficult situations: in the house of an old witch, in the den of robbers.

However, during the journey, Gerda makes many good friends. Her warm loving heart, sincerity and affection attract both people and animals to her. All of them are happy to help the brave traveler. The remarkable qualities of Gerda allow her to get to the ice palace of the Snow Queen and rescue Kai.

I am sure that if most people were like Gerda, our world would be a much better place.