What is the strength of Gerda - Andersen Hans Christian

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What is the strength of Gerda
Andersen Hans Christian

In my opinion, the strength of the main character of the "Snow Queen" Gerda is in her inexhaustible kindness, friendly participation, devoted love for Kai, determination and desire to help other people.

Gerda grew up next door to Kai. All the days before the sudden disappearance of her friend, the children spent together. They had a lot in common. Take, for example, the roses that grew in their little garden on the attic floor, which the children could admire endlessly. A devoted friend, Gerda does not part with Kai either when a piece of a magic mirror got into the boy's eye, which made him callous and vicious, and even more so when Kai disappeared from their city altogether.

Natural kindness and love for Kai, and a great desire to support a friend help the girl survive all the hardships that come her way. She leaves the old woman's house, who was going to leave Gerda with her. She manages to stay alive after meeting with the insidious robbers and even win the favor of the little robber - the most spoiled and capricious girl on earth. Gerda is helped by a black raven. The prince and princess not only do not take offense at the girl for a sudden and secret invasion, but also give her smart and warm clothes.

Gerda does not deceive anyone. On the contrary, she tells everyone the truth about what made her wander. And everyone - both people and animals - seeing her indefatigable desire to help a friend, sympathize with Gerda and support her.

Of course, there are bad people everywhere, but there are still more good ones. Kind and sympathetic, ready to help at any moment, Gerda evokes the same attitude towards herself in everyone she meets on her way. This is her great strength.