Short summary - The Time Machine by H.G. Wells

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Short summary - The Time Machine by H.G. Wells

The Time Machine is a work of science fiction that was written by the British author, H.G. Wells. The novel was first published in 1895, and it has since become a classic of the genre. The story follows the adventures of a scientist who travels into the future using a time machine that he has invented. The novel is a commentary on the social and political issues of the time, as well as a reflection on the nature of humanity.

Chapter 1: The Time Traveler

The novel opens with a discussion among a group of men, including the Time Traveler, who is the protagonist of the story. The men are gathered in the Time Traveler's home, and he is showing them a miniature time machine that he has built. The Time Traveler explains how the machine works and how he plans to use it to travel through time.

Chapter 2: The Time Machine

In chapter two, the Time Traveler takes his guests into his laboratory and demonstrates the full-size time machine that he has built. The machine is a sleek, metallic contraption that resembles a large clock. The Time Traveler climbs into the machine and disappears into the future.

Chapter 3: The Future

In chapter three, the Time Traveler arrives in the year 802,701. He is shocked to discover that the world has changed dramatically. The landscape is beautiful, but the people he encounters are strange and unfamiliar. The Time Traveler meets the Eloi, a group of small, childlike people who seem to live a life of leisure. He is also introduced to the Morlocks, a group of ape-like creatures who live underground.

Chapter 4: The Palace of Green Porcelain

In chapter four, the Time Traveler explores the ruins of a large building called the Palace of Green Porcelain. He discovers that the building was once a museum, but it has been destroyed by the Eloi. The Time Traveler is frustrated by the lack of curiosity and intelligence of the Eloi, who seem to have no interest in learning about their own history.

Chapter 5: The Morlocks

In chapter five, the Time Traveler discovers that the Morlocks are actually the masters of the Eloi. He realizes that the Morlocks have evolved to live underground because the surface of the earth has become uninhabitable. The Time Traveler also discovers that the Morlocks feed on the Eloi, who are little more than cattle to them.

Chapter 6: The Return

In chapter six, the Time Traveler manages to escape from the Morlocks and return to his own time. He is deeply troubled by what he has seen in the future and is determined to do something about it. The Time Traveler tells the story of his adventures to his friends, but they are skeptical and refuse to believe his tale.

Chapter 7: Epilogue

In the epilogue, the Time Traveler disappears again, this time for good. His friends never see him again, and they are left to wonder what happened to him. The novel ends with a sense of mystery and ambiguity.


In conclusion, The Time Machine is a thought-provoking and insightful work of science fiction. The novel explores themes of evolution, social class, and the nature of humanity. The Time Traveler's adventures in the future serve as a warning to readers about the dangers of complacency and the importance of intellectual curiosity. H.G. Wells' classic novel remains relevant and engaging to this day, and it is a must-read for fans of science fiction and literature.