The Return of the Native by Thomas Hardy

Summary of the work - Sykalo Eugen 2023

The Return of the Native by Thomas Hardy

As an esteemed literature teacher, I am pleased to provide you with a detailed summary of the classic masterpiece "The Return of the Native" by Thomas Hardy. This novel is a compelling portrayal of the lives of the people living in Egdon Heath, a fictional heath in Wessex, England. The novel is divided into six books, each of which details the events of a different period in the life of the main character, Clym Yeobright, and the other inhabitants of Egdon Heath.

Book One: The Three Women

The novel begins with the introduction of three women - Eustacia Vye, the beautiful and enigmatic young woman who dreams of escaping Egdon and living a life of luxury; Thomasin Yeobright, Clym's cousin, who is in love with Damon Wildeve; and Mrs. Yeobright, Clym's mother, who disapproves of her son's decision to return to Egdon from Paris and marry Eustacia.

Book Two: The Arrival

Clym Yeobright returns to Egdon Heath and is reunited with his mother, Mrs. Yeobright, and cousin, Thomasin. Clym reveals his plans to become a schoolteacher and marry Eustacia Vye. Mrs. Yeobright disapproves of his decision and forbids him from marrying Eustacia.

Book Three: The Fascination

Eustacia and Clym fall in love and begin a passionate relationship. However, Eustacia's desire to leave Egdon Heath and Clym's desire to stay and work as a schoolteacher cause tension between them.

Book Four: The Closed Door

Damon Wildeve, who was previously in love with Eustacia, marries Thomasin. Eustacia is heartbroken and becomes more determined to leave Egdon Heath. Clym's eyesight begins to fail, which puts a strain on his relationship with Eustacia.

Book Five: The Discovery

Mrs. Yeobright tries to reconcile with Clym, but their relationship is strained. On her way to visit Clym, she is turned away at his door by Eustacia, who tells her that Clym is not at home. Mrs. Yeobright dies shortly thereafter. Clym and Eustacia's relationship deteriorates further, and Clym becomes estranged from his wife.

Book Six: Aftercourses

In the final book, Eustacia's desire to leave Egdon Heath leads her to make a pact with Wildeve to run away together. However, Wildeve stands her up, and Eustacia drowns while trying to find him in the heath. Clym, who had previously been living in Paris, returns to Egdon Heath and is reunited with Thomasin, who has since been widowed. Clym and Thomasin marry and live a peaceful life on the heath.

In conclusion, "The Return of the Native" is a powerful tale of love, passion, and tragedy. The novel explores themes of desire, destiny, and the consequences of our choices. Through the characters of Eustacia, Clym, and Mrs. Yeobright, Hardy examines the human condition and the struggles we face in trying to reconcile our dreams with the realities of our lives. Overall, this novel is a must-read for anyone interested in classic literature and the complexities of the human experience.