The Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood

Summary of the work - Sykalo Eugen 2023

The Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood

"The Blind Assassin" by Margaret Atwood is a literary masterpiece that demands attention and captures the imagination of the reader. The novel is set in Canada during the early twentieth century, a time when society was undergoing significant changes. The novel explores the life of Iris Chase, a wealthy and intelligent woman who finds herself trapped in a loveless marriage and haunted by the past.

The novel is divided into several parts and is narrated from multiple perspectives, making it a challenging but rewarding read. In this comprehensive retelling, I will walk you through the plot of each chapter or part of the book, highlighting the key events and themes.

Part One: The Chase Family

The novel opens with the death of Laura Chase, Iris's younger sister, who is believed to have committed suicide by driving her car off a bridge. Through a series of flashbacks, we learn about the Chase family, their rise to wealth, and their troubled relationships. We also discover that Laura was a talented writer who had published a book called "The Blind Assassin." The opening chapter sets the tone for the entire novel as we are introduced to the central themes of memory, identity, betrayal, and love.

Part Two: The Blind Assassin

Part two of the novel is dedicated to Laura's novel within the novel, "The Blind Assassin." The novel tells the story of two lovers who meet secretly to tell each other stories. One of the stories is about a blind assassin who falls in love with the woman he is sent to kill. The other story is about a rebellious young woman who falls in love with a wealthy man and becomes embroiled in a political scandal. This section of the novel is a masterpiece of storytelling, as Atwood weaves in multiple layers of narrative, creating a rich tapestry that draws the reader in.

Part Three: The Present

In the present, Iris is an elderly woman who is reflecting on her life. She recounts her childhood, her marriage to Richard Griffen, and her relationship with her sister Laura. As she looks back on her life, she begins to question her own memories and the truth behind Laura's death. This section of the novel is a meditation on the nature of memory and the way in which our perceptions of the past can be shaped by the stories we tell ourselves.

Part Four: The Truth

In the final part of the novel, the truth about Laura's death is revealed. We discover that Laura was murdered by Richard Griffen, Iris's husband, who was jealous of her talent and her relationship with Iris. Iris confronts Richard and realizes that she has been living a lie for most of her life. This section of the novel is a powerful exploration of the way in which secrets can shape our lives and the devastating consequences that can result from keeping them hidden.

Overall, "The Blind Assassin" is a complex and thought-provoking novel that challenges readers to question their own perceptions of reality. Atwood's masterful storytelling and intricate plot make this a must-read for anyone who loves literature. The novel is not only a gripping tale of love, betrayal, and murder, but also a meditation on the power of memory and the way in which our perceptions of the past can shape our lives.