Short summary - Pippi in the South Seas (Pippi Långstrump i Söderhavet) - Astrid Lindgren

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Short summary - Pippi in the South Seas (Pippi Långstrump i Söderhavet)
Astrid Lindgren

How Pippi buys Villa "Chicken"

Before Pippi's arrival, there were two attractions in the town - the museum of local lore and the mound. The townspeople hung up two signs so that any visitor could find their way to these places. But now another sign has appeared in the city - “To the Chicken Villa” - after all, the house where the strongest girl in the world lives is more interested in than the museum and the barrow.

Once a very important and rich gentleman came to the city. When he saw the sign, he thought that an ordinary villa could not be a tourist attraction, and decided that it was for sale. The gentleman liked the idea of buying a villa in a small town where he would be considered the richest and most important, and he went to Pippi's house.

The master did not like the crumbling house, but the garden was to his liking. He began to plan aloud how he would demolish the house and cut down the old oak tree, ignoring Pippi, Tommy and Annika.

Pippi took this visit as another entertainment and did not tell the master that she was the mistress of the villa. On the contrary, the girl wanted to immediately help demolish the house and cut down the garden, which seriously frightened Tommy and Annika.

The gentleman believed that “there is nothing more disgusting in the world than children,” and Pippi supported him.

We must shoot all the children, ”Pippi insisted. “But alas, this cannot be done, because where will all the important guys come from then?” And you can't do without them.

The master was tired of the antics of the red-haired girl, he wanted to teach her a lesson, but he could not catch and decided to recoup on Annika. Then Peppy grabbed him, threw him several times in the air, then threw him on the seat of the car and said that he was selling his house only on Mondays, and today is Friday.

The angry gentleman decided to buy this villa and drive the children out of there. He found the policeman and asked to be taken to the mistress of the house. To his surprise, the policeman confirmed that Pippi owned the villa, and the gentleman had to get out.

How Pippi encourages Aunt Laura

One day Tommy and Annika didn't come to visit Pippi. The girl went to her friends and found Aunt Laura visiting them. Pippi said that she loves "these old aunts."

Aunts need to be encouraged, that's the whole secret, ”Pippi said triumphantly.

When the guest began to complain about a nervous system disorder, Pippi told her about her nervous grandmother, who drank fox poison to calm her nerves.

Every time Aunt Laura tried to tell something, Peppy jumped into the conversation with another amazing story. In the end, the girl said that she was going to tell a lot of interesting things, but she was gagged. After that, Aunt Laura got up and prepared to leave.

How Pippi is looking for kukaryamba

One morning, Peppy told her friends that she had found a new word - kukaryamba - and now she wants to know what it means. She decided that kukaryamba could certainly be bought in a store, and the children went to the main street of the town.

We will ride, otherwise we will be late and get into the city when all the kukaryamba has already been taken apart. I would not be surprised if the burgomaster takes the last piece of kukaryamba from under our noses.

To Pippi's great regret, the cucaramba was not found either in the confectionery or in the hardware store. The girl thought that kukaryamba was a disease and went to the doctor, but it turned out that such a disease did not exist. Then Pippi climbed into the window of the house and asked the ladies sitting in the room if they had kukaryamba. The ladies were alarmed, deciding that we were talking about some kind of dangerous animal.

Realizing that no one saw the kukaryamba, Pippi went home. On the path of the garden, she noticed an unfamiliar green bug and declared that this was the kukaryamba.

How Pippi invents a new sport

Summer vacation is over, Tommy and Annika have gone to school. Peppy flatly refused to study, but often brought friends to school on horseback. One day the children told their friend that Miss Rosenblum would come to school.

This rich, but very stingy old woman annually gave gifts to the most obedient and diligent students. She chose the lucky ones herself, arranging a real exam before the distribution of gifts. Even if the child was in need, he did not receive anything if he could not answer the question of the old woman.

No, it was not surprising that all the children in the town lived in constant fear of this old lady.

Freken valued order, so before the exam she weighed all the children and built them into three lines - according to the number of people in the family. The students who did not answer the questions became the fourth line for those who should be ashamed.

Pippi showed up for the exam when it was Tommy and Annika's turn. She made her way to the front row and began to answer Miss Rosenblum's questions as she saw fit. Freken got angry, and the girl really liked "this new sport: asking each other questions."

Once in the fourth line, Pippi began to ask questions to the children, many of whom were already crying. Of course, all the answers were correct, and each student of the fourth line received from Pippi a gold coin and a huge bag of sweets.

When ‹…› all the children went home, it turned out that it was those whom Miss Rosenblum wanted to punish that jumped most cheerfully.

How Pippi receives a letter

The cold winter has come. Tommy and Annika worked very hard, their health deteriorated and they fell ill with measles. Pippi was not allowed to see them, and she spent whole days sitting on the stairs, put to the window of the nursery, entertaining friends and giving them sweets. Finally, the children recovered, but were still thin and weak.

One day Peppy received a letter from her father, Captain Efroim. He wrote that he was going to sail for his daughter on the schooner "Bouncer" and take her to his island of Veselia.

How Pippi Goes to Swim

The Jumper entered the harbor decked out in flags. Having met, Pippi and King Ephroim I Longstocking began to throw each other into the air, which greatly interfered with the photographer.

After a luxurious dinner, Papa Efroim went to bed, and Tommy and Annika sat in Pippi's kitchen and thought about how sad they would be without a cheerful girlfriend. Pippi, on the other hand, was in a wonderful mood - she dreamed of how she would live in Veseliya.

Being a Negro princess is not a bad thing to do for a girl who doesn't go to school.

Noticing that Tommy and Annika were completely depressed, Pippi was surprised: did she really forget to tell her friends that they were also going to Veseliya. At first, the children did not believe that their mother would let them go to the other end of the world. But the parents decided that Tommy and Annika would improve their health by basking in the tropical sun. In addition, they trusted Pippi very much.

In early spring, the schooner "Bouncer" set off. The guys were seen off by the parents of Tommy and Annika and their classmates, burned with envy.

How Pippi goes ashore

The journey was so long that Tommy and Annika almost forgot how they lived in a small Swedish town. They tanned and learned to climb the shrouds no worse than Pippi.

At last the schooner Jumper entered the small harbor of the island of Veselija. All 126 merrymakers met their king and princess. They were delighted with Pippi, especially when she lifted the horse on one shoulder and Papa Efroim on the other.

The captain showed his daughter a bamboo hut built especially for her and the place where he first set foot on the island. Veselyany marked him with a stone with the inscription:

Our fat leader sailed to us across the big blue sea. ‹…› May he always be as fat and magnificent as on the day when his foot touched our earth.

Then King Ephraim and Pippi sat on their thrones and ruled the island a little. And in the evening the merrymakers danced around the fire for them.

How Pippi talks to a shark

Peppy, Tommy and Annika quickly became friends with the merrymakers, who considered them very beautiful. They swam in the warm ocean and ate fruit, and Pippi told her subjects stories from the life of white children.

One day, Pope Efroim gathered all the adult oarmen and went to a neighboring island to hunt wild pigs. The children remained in charge of Veseliia, and this did not upset them at all.

I ‹…› have never heard of any children being upset when left alone without adults; to celebrate, I’m even ready to memorize the entire multiplication table.

After breakfast, the children went to explore the caves, which were very numerous on the coral island. To the largest cave, where the camp was located, they had fun with a large supply of provisions, it was necessary to get along a sheer cliff, in the bay under which there were many sharks.

The merry ones were not afraid of sharks and dived to the bottom of the bay for large pearls to play balls with them. Captain Efroim knew that pearls were expensive and could be exchanged for many useful things, but he decided not to change the life of his people, and only occasionally took a few pearls to buy himself tobacco.

Making his way to the main cave, Tommy fell into the water, a bloodthirsty shark swam up to him and plunged sharp teeth into his leg. Pippi was in the water. She grabbed the shark, scolded it for its bad behavior and threw it far into the sea.

Tommy was saved, but Pippi was very upset that the poor, little shark was left hungry.

How Pippi talks to Jim and Book

Peppy stretched a rope along the sheer cliff, and now even Annika could get to the cave, which turned out to be so spacious that all the children of the island fit in it.

The guys competed who would spit further into the shark bay when they noticed someone else's steamer. It was Jim and Book's ship. While buying tobacco, these burly fellows noticed that Captain Ephroim paid with the finest pearls, and heard him talk about the large stocks of pearls on Veselia. They waited for the captain to leave the island and came to take away their balls.

Having landed on the island, the bandits discovered that the children were in an inaccessible cave. To lure them out, Jim and Book pretended to be ordinary tourists and decided to swim in the bay, although Pippi had warned them that there were a lot of sharks.

I can't say that it's dangerous to swim here. Of course, you run the risk of losing an arm or a leg, but wooden prostheses cost no more than a crown.

After barely escaping from the sharks, Jim and Book realized that the children could not be lured out of the cave, and decided to get to them and take away the pearls. Pippi removed the rope, and the bandits had to climb a sheer wall. They fell into the bay one by one, and Peppy had to save them by throwing coconuts at the sharks.

Finally, the bandits were tired of risking their lives, and they decided to wait for the children to get hungry and go down on their own, but Pippi said that there would be enough food in the cave for two weeks. Angry, Jim and Book lay down to sleep on a rocky shore in wet pants. A terrible thunderstorm began at night. The bandits were soaked in the tropical downpour, and the children slept in a dry cave.

How Pippi taught the bandits a lesson

All night Jim and Book were wet and arguing with each other, and in the morning they decided to get pearls at any cost. Meanwhile, a horse and Mr. Nilson, who returned from the jungle after meeting with his relatives, arrived at the cave. The bandits grabbed the horse and began to threaten that they would kill her if Pippi did not bring them pearls. Beech decided to take revenge on Peppy for a terrible night, butchering her like a walnut, and taking the horse to another island.

I'm going, - answered Pippi, - but just don't forget that you yourself asked me about it.

She went down to the bandits with eyes burning with a strange fire, and decided to play leapfrog with them. With her strong hands, Peppy threw the bandits about three meters, they fell on a rock, hit hard, and the girl walked nearby and scolded them with might and main.

Pippi then loaded the bandits onto a boat, and they left Veselia in a terrible hurry. The steamer of Jim and Buk disappeared over the horizon, and immediately Efroim's schooner appeared at sea. Peppy happily met her father, but she did not tell about the bandits.

How Pippi Leaves the Land of Veselia

Time passed. Tommy and Annika were so tanned that they looked like they were having fun, and Peppy had huge freckles on her face, and she considered herself irresistible. The children spent most of their time in their favorite cave. Peppy blocked the bay with a strong net, and the sharks did not interfere with their swimming. Friends got pearls from the bottom of the bay and played bandits.

The rest of the time, the children spent in the bamboo house that Pippi built, jumped from the palm tree into the ocean and made excursions to the jungle.

The rainy season was approaching, and Captain Efroim decided to send his daughter to Sweden - he was afraid that Pippi would get sick. Tommy and Annika missed their parents and wanted to sail home before Christmas. The merry people were very sad when Pippi, Tommy and Annika boarded the Jumper, but they promised to return very soon. The guys set off alone - Pope Efroim remained to rule the island.

It soon became clear that the guys would not have time to return home by Christmas. They arrived in Sweden only at the beginning of January.

Peppy doesn't want to be an adult

The parents of Tommy and Annika were so happy that they did not let their children go for a long time. The only thing that upset the children was that they missed Christmas and would not receive presents.

They managed to come to Pippi only the next evening. The children were surprised to find that the Chicken Villa looked like a house from a Christmas card - the roof was covered with snow, and a candle was burning on the terrace. In the large kitchen, they found a Christmas tree with gifts and a festive table - it was Pippi who decided to return the missed Christmas.

Peppy said that the next day they will build a snow house, teach the horse to ski, and they will always have fun. Then Tommy thought that he would soon become an adult, and he did not want to grow up, because it is so boring. Pepi agreed with him.

Adults are never really fun. And what are they doing: boring work or mods, but they only talk about corns and income taxes.

The girl said that she was not going to grow up - for this she stocked up with magic pills. These pills must be taken in total darkness and the magic words spoken.

The friends extinguished the candles and swallowed the pills, which looked suspiciously like dry peas. Then Tommy and Annika returned home, looked out the window at Pippi's house for a long time, in the window of which a candle was burning and dreamed of how they would stay with their girlfriend forever, play with her and often visit the country of Veselia.

They wanted to wave to Pippi if she looked in their direction, but the girl looked at the flame for a long time, and then blew out the candle.