Short summary - Two Years' Vacation - Jules Gabriel Verne

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Short summary - Two Years' Vacation
Jules Gabriel Verne

Fifteen boys from a boarding house in New Zealand decide to spend their holidays on a sea voyage. At night, the children are left alone on a drifting ship and get caught in a storm. The boys are carried away to the open sea, and they end up on an uninhabited island in the Pacific Ocean. Unusual vacation ends only two years.

Fourteen boys from the New Zealand boarding school in Auckland are to be sent on a cruise around New Zealand for academic excellence. On February 16, 1860, the children were to go to sea on the Slough with their own crew. On the night before sailing, the guys are already on the ship, but the crew is still sleeping in the port. For unknown reasons, the ship's rope breaks, and the schooner is caught in a violent storm. The frightened boys learn that, in addition to them, only the black cabin boy Moko is present on the ship.

For two weeks, the guys wander around the Pacific Ocean until they discover a land surrounded by terrible reefs. It is only by sheer luck that a huge wave throws them ashore, but the Slough's hull is badly damaged.

The guys find themselves on the island and try to get comfortable on it. Luckily, the ship has a lot of food, clothes and weapons left to help them. They find a cave which they use as a hideout. It turns out that, in addition to them, there is another wrecked ship on the island, which turned out to be French. Bodya return the sachet 8g On the French ship, the boys find a map of the island, which makes life easier for them. Living on the island seems to them convenient and pleasant. The elders are trying to teach the younger ones from the textbooks that were found on the ship.

When the boys democratically elect the American Gordon for president, several Englishmen—Donfian, Webb, Cross, Wilcox, and Missmouth—combine into an opposition group. The guys are divided into two opposing camps.

By chance, a gang of robbers landed on the island. They destroyed the entire crew on their ship and turned it into a pirate ship. From the team they released only two: the helmsman Evans and his wife Kate.

When the pirates are on the island, the children run into the cave and then, together with two adults, defeat the bandits. Evans informs them that they are not far from the island of Hanover, on the coast of Chile. The boys fix the boat and leave the island.

On the way, they are picked up by a steamboat that delivers them home. Since their story is already known to the whole world, and everyone considered the boys dead, they become famous. The diary with the experience is translated into all languages of the world and is printed a lot.