Short summary - Around the World in Eighty Days - Jules Gabriel Verne

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Short summary - Around the World in Eighty Days
Jules Gabriel Verne

The story of Phileas Fogg, who made a bet with his friends that he could circumnavigate the globe from west to east in no more than 80 days

At number seven, Savile Row, London, lived Phileas Fogg, a man of the highest order and attractiveness, but at the same time surrounded by an aura of mystery. Phileas Fogg was a tall and handsome man with noble bearing, blond hair, and penetrating eyes. He was very rich and punctual, he had no family or friends. He fired his servant due to negligence in his work and hired the Frenchman Jean Passepartout instead.

One day in a club in London, Phileas Fogg, during a conflict, makes a bet with his friends that he will travel around the world in 80 days. At the same time, he will take into account the speed of movement and the vehicles on which he will cross the sea, oceans and land. With him on this fascinating journey, he takes the servant Passepartout.

During their travels, many dangers are encountered on their way; they save the beautiful Auda, who they want to burn alive along with the body of her late husband in India. And as happens in a happy ending, Auda becomes the wife of Phileas. But the problem on the journey is detective Fix. He wants to arrest Phileas, who, according to the London police, robbed a bank for a large sum in England and decided to run away, and the bet is an opportunity to hide from the law.

When the journey ends, Phileas Fogg thinks that he is one day late, but he does not get excited - at this time he decides to marry Auda and sends Passepartout for a priest. But here is the "Happy End" - they made a mistake with the calculations, and thus they win the bet.