Short summary - From the Earth to the Moon - Jules Gabriel Verne

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Short summary - From the Earth to the Moon
Jules Gabriel Verne

The events of the novel take place immediately after the American Civil War, that is, apparently in 1865-1866. After the end of the war, the Gun Club was organized in Baltimore (USA). Its founder, Impey Barbicane, was inspired by the idea of creating a cannon, the projectile of which, after being fired, could reach the moon. Preliminary calculations showed that the technology of that time made it possible to build such an instrument. Barbicane manages to attract the attention of the whole world and raise about $ 5.5 million for a large-scale project sponsored by many countries, including the United States. The development of the colossal cannon of the Columbiad began. Since it was not possible to cast such a barrel, the creators decided to use a mine in the ground 900 feet (274 meters) deep with cast-iron walls with a diameter of 60 feet (18.3 meters) as it. 180 tons).

It was originally planned that an uninhabited spherical projectile made of aluminum alloy, having reached the surface of the Moon, could attract the attention of its possible inhabitants. However, later the plans of the founders of the Columbiad project changed. The French traveler Michel Ardan proposed to make a hollow metal cylinder, pointed on one side, as a cannon projectile, and he himself volunteered to fly inside it. As a result, it was decided to prepare a shell car for a team of 3 people.

The first space travelers were: Captain Nicole - American; Impy Barbicane is American and Michel Ardant is French.

The shot fired according to the planned plan and the shell car, carrying the first astronauts, went to the moon.