Short summary - Thanatos Palace Hotel (adapted as an episode of The Alfred Hitchcock Hour) - André Maurois

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Short summary - Thanatos Palace Hotel (adapted as an episode of The Alfred Hitchcock Hour)
André Maurois

Micro-narration: The Thanatos Hotel helps people in dire straits to die voluntarily and painlessly.
The Frenchman, an employee of the American bank, Jean Monier, went bankrupt due to the fall in share prices. He receives a letter from the director of the Thanatos Hotel, located on the border of the United States and Mexico in a very beautiful area. The director wrote: to those who, under the influence of serious misfortune, wish to part with their lives, we help to do this without any suffering. Death occurs during sleep in the most painless way. The fee is three hundred dollars.
Monier went to this hotel.
The visitors were greeted by the porter, an Italian Sarkoni. He asked to fill in the forms with personal data and indicate the persons to be notified of death. In a separate statement, it was required to confirm their desire to voluntarily give up their lives and to relieve the management and hotel staff of all responsibility.
Monier was placed in number one hundred and thirteen. Before dinner, the headmaster introduced Monier to his table neighbor, a very pretty Mrs. Clara Kirby-Shaw. By the end of dinner, Monier already knew in general terms the history of Clara's life. She left a rich and kind man whom she did not love. The young writer for whom she left her husband left her. An attempt to return to her husband failed. Clara found herself in a difficult situation and arrived at the Thanatos Hotel.
Monier spoke about his problems. Clara advised to give up the intention to die and start fighting for a decent life. The next day, during their walks, they discussed a way out of this situation. Clara agreed to leave the hotel with Monier.
Monier informed the director of his desire to leave the hotel with Clara. The director promised to refund the money, deducting expenses for one day of stay. When Monier left, the director called Sarkoni's porter. He ordered him to turn on the gas at number one hundred and thirteen at two o'clock in the morning.
Then Clara entered the office. The director praised her for her clean and quick work, and gave her the traditional ten dollars and another ten dollars in bonus. The director crossed out one last name on his list in red pencil.