Short summary - Decorated! - Guy de Maupassant

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Short summary - Decorated!
Guy de Maupassant

Micro-narration: At the cost of treason to her husband, the wife seeks that her husband be awarded the Order of the Legion of Honor.

Since childhood, Mr. Sakreman dreamed of receiving an order and obtaining the right to decorate his chest with a small scarlet ribbon. He studied poorly and failed the bachelor's exam. He had a fortune and married a pretty girl. Mr. Sacreman asked his wife to speak to the Deputy Rosselen, who can give good advice. The deputy advised me to submit a petition and list my academic degrees, but Sakreman was not even a bachelor.

Sakreman began to compose a brochure "On the Right of the People to Education," but his paucity of thought did not allow him to write this work. Then he chose an easier topic - "Visual Teaching of Children". He published the written article and sent it to every deputy, every minister, president of the republic, in the editorial office of newspapers. He then turned to street libraries, suggesting that books be transported through the streets in small carts.

Deputy Russell seemed to take a keen interest in his success. He once said that he had achieved a great honor for Sacreman - to conduct historical research in various libraries in France.

Sakreman traveled from city to city, studied catalogs, rummaged in attics littered with heaps of dusty books, arousing the hatred of librarians. A week later, he missed his wife and unexpectedly arrived home late at night.

The bedroom door was locked. The wife was very frightened, ran around the room, moving furniture, spoke to herself, as if in a dream. Finally the door opened and his wife fell on his chest. In the hall, he began to undress and suddenly saw a coat with a red ribbon of the Order of the Legion of Honor in the buttonhole. The wife was confused, but she was found - she said. that this is his new coat, that he was awarded, but this is a big secret, which will become officially known in a month and a half. The wife said that it was Mr. Rosselen who arranged it. Sakreman burst into tears with joy.

A week later, the Official Gazette reported that Mr. Sakreman had been awarded the Legion of Honor for special merit.