Short summary - Saved - Guy de Maupassant

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Short summary - Saved
Guy de Maupassant

Micro-narration: To divorce her husband, the wife hires a maid, an experienced seducer of married men.
The young marquise told her friend the Baroness how she got rid of her husband and got a divorce.
For the last three months he had become unbearable, rude, insolent, but still did not beat her. He had a mistress, Clarissa, but it was impossible to find them together. The Marquis asked her brother to get a photo of Clarissa. She showed this photo to a person who was engaged in various accusations, and asked to pick up a maid similar to this person. She explained that she wanted to catch her husband cheating at home.
Three days later, a very beautiful girl, Rosa, came to the Marquis. She said that she was arranging for the eighth divorce, that she loved, like Clarissa, the perfume of vervain. My husband pecked immediately, after a week he almost stopped leaving the house. The marquise, on the other hand, disappeared all day to give him freedom.
On the ninth day, Rosa informed the Marquise that everything was all right. The Marquis appointed Rose on Thursday at five o'clock to demonstrate her husband's infidelity in her bedroom. She called her father, mother, uncle, the judge - her husband's friend, and the gatekeeper, so that there would be one more witness.
At exactly five o'clock, the Marquis opened the door wide. The novel was in full swing. Rose was on top, she burst into tears. The Baroness was unhappy that she was not invited to see.