Short summary - The Adventure of the Dying Detective - Sir Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle

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Short summary - The Adventure of the Dying Detective
Sir Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle


Sherlock Holmes pretends to be dying to expose the man who killed his own nephew due to inheritance.

Mrs. Hudson, the worried apartment owner of Sherlock Holmes, is running to Dr. Watson. Her guest at death. For three days now, he has been refusing to eat and does not allow him to invite a doctor; he only agreed to call Dr. Watson.

An excited Dr. Watson finds his friend in a terrible state. The great detective contracted a deadly virus and you need to stay away from him. Dr. Watson wants to invite the best virus specialist, but Holmes protests so much that Watson is scared.

The patient falls asleep, and Watson examines things in the room. A curious ivory box draws his attention, but when he picks it up to get a better look, Holmes emits a terrible scream and demands that Watson immediately put it in its place and not touch its things. Then Holmes begins to carry nonsense. Finally, he asks to bring Mr. Calverton Smith, a planter from Sumatra, where a virus outbreak broke out. Smith is serious about this problem, and Holmes believes that only he can save him.

Smith is a small, twisted, rickety and evil person. After hearing Dr. Watson, Smith arrives at the great detective. Holmes orders Watson to hide behind the head of the bed, not to move, and not to betray himself under any circumstances.

Smith promises to cure Holmes if he no longer investigates the death of his nephew. Smith suggests that Holmes received a box in the mail (which Dr. Watson picked up), opened it, scratched it, and contracted a deadly virus. Holmes asks to fulfill his dying request and turn on the light. At this time, a police inspector enters the room, and the revived Holmes demands matches and cigarettes.

Holmes wanted to prove that Smith killed his nephew because of an inheritance, and pretended to be dying for this. Dr. Watson does not know how to pretend, which means that he had to be convinced. Getting out of bed after a three-day post, the great detective is going to go to a good restaurant.