Short summary - Winnie-the-Pooh - Alan Alexander Milne

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Short summary - Winnie-the-Pooh
Alan Alexander Milne

Winnie the Pooh is a teddy bear, a great friend of Christopher Robin. A variety of stories happen to him. Once, going into the clearing, Winnie the Pooh sees a tall oak tree, at the top of which something buzzes: zhzhzhzhzhzhzh! In vain no one will buzz, and Winnie the Pooh is trying to climb a tree for honey. Having fallen into the bushes, the bear goes to Christopher Robin for help. Taking the boy’s blue balloon, Winnie the Pooh takes off, singing a “special Tuchkin song”: “I’m Tuchka, Tuchka, Tuchka, / And not a bear at all, / Ah, how nice Tuchka / To fly through the sky!”

But the bees behave "suspiciously," according to Winnie the Pooh, that is, they suspect something. One by one they fly out of the hollow and sting Winnie the Pooh. (“These are the wrong bees,” the bear understands, “they probably make the wrong honey.”) And Winnie the Pooh asks the boy to knock down a ball from a gun. “It will go bad,” Christopher Robin objects. “And if you don’t shoot, I’m spoiled,” says Winnie the Pooh. And the boy, realizing what to do, knocks the ball. Winnie the Pooh smoothly sank to the ground. True, after that, for a whole week the bear's paws stuck up and he could not move them. If a fly landed on his nose, he had to blow it: “Pooh! Poohhh! ”Perhaps that is why he was called Pooh.

Once Pooh went to visit the Rabbit, who lived in a hole. Winnie-the-Pooh was always not averse to "refreshing himself", but when he was visiting Rabbit, he clearly allowed himself too much and therefore, crawling out, got stuck in a hole. Winnie the Pooh's faithful friend, Christopher Robin, read books aloud to him for a whole week, and inside, in a hole. The rabbit (with permission from Pooh) used his hind legs as a towel hanger. The pooh became thinner and thinner, and now Christopher Robin said: “It’s time!” And grabbed hold of Pooh's front paws, and Rabbit grabbed Christopher Robin, and Relatives and Friends of the Rabbit, which were terribly many, grabbed the Rabbit and began to drag it urine, And Winnie the Pooh jumped out of the hole, like a cork from a bottle, and Christopher Robin and Rabbit and all-all flew upside down!

In addition to Winnie the Pooh and the Rabbit, there is also a piglet Piglet (“A Very Little Creature”), an Owl (she is literate and can even write her name - “SAVA”), always a sad donkey Eeyore. A donkey's tail once disappeared, but Pooh managed to find it. In search of a tail, Pooh wandered to the all-knowing Owl. Owl lived in a real castle, according to the teddy bear. On the door she had a bell with a button, and a bell with a cord. An announcement hung under the bell: "I PLEASE TO TAKE ESLI DO NOT OPEN." The announcement was written by Christopher Robin, because even the Owl could not do it. Pooh tells Owl that Eeyore has lost his tail and asks for help finding him. The Owl gets into theoretical reasoning, and poor Pooh, who, as you know, has sawdust in his head, soon ceases to think about what is being discussed, and the answers of the Owl are answered “yes” or “no” in turn. To the next “no”, the Owl asked in surprise: “How, haven't you seen?” And leads Pooh to look at the bell and the advertisement under it. Pooh looks at the bell and string and suddenly realizes that he saw something very similar somewhere. Owl explains that once in the woods she saw this string and called, then she called very loudly, and the lace came off ... Pooh explains to Owl that this lace is really needed Eeyore, that he loved him, you can say, was attached to him. With these words, Pooh unhooks the string and carries Eeyore, and Christopher Robin nails it in place. Pooh explains to the Owl that this string is very necessary for Eeyore, that he loved him, one might say, was attached to him. With these words, Pooh unhooks the string and carries Eeyore, and Christopher Robin nails it in place. Pooh explains to the Owl that this string is very necessary for Eeyore, that he loved him, one might say, was attached to him. With these words, Pooh unhooks the string and carries Eeyore, and Christopher Robin nails it in place.

Sometimes new animals appear in the forest, for example, Kang's mother and Baby Roo.

At first, Rabbit decides to teach Kanga a lesson (he is indignant that she carries a child in her pocket, he tries to figure out how many pockets he would need if he also decided to carry children this way - it turns out that he is seventeen, and one more for a handkerchief! ): steal Baby Roo and hide him, and when Kanga starts looking for him, tell her “AHA!” in such a way that she understands everything. But so that Kanga does not immediately notice the loss, Piglet must jump into her pocket instead of Little Roo. And Winnie the Pooh should speak with Kenga very enthusiastically so that she turns away even for a moment, then the Rabbit will be able to escape with Little Roo. The plan succeeds, and the Kanga discovers the substitution only when it is at home. She knows that Christopher Robin will not allow anyone to offend Little Roo, and decides to play Piglet. He, however, is trying to say "AHA!" but it has no effect on Kanga. She is preparing a bath for Piglet, continuing to call him "Ru." Piglet unsuccessfully tries to explain to Kenga who he really is, but she pretends that she does not understand what is the matter, and Piglet has already been washed, and a spoon of fish oil is waiting for him. The arrival of Christopher Robin saves him from medicine, Piglet rushes to him with tears, begging to confirm that he is not Little Ru. Christopher Robin confirms that this is not Ru, whom he just saw at Rabbit, but refuses to recognize Piglet, because Piglet is “of a completely different color.” Kanga and Christopher Robin decide to call him Henry Pushel. But then the new-born Henry Pushel manages to get out of Kanga’s hands and run away. He had never had to run so fast! Only a hundred steps from the house, he stops running and rolls on the ground, to regain its own familiar and cute color. So Baby Roo and Kang stay in the forest.

Another time, a Tiger appears in the forest, an unknown beast that smiles broadly and affably. Pooh treats the Tiger with honey, but it turns out that the Tigers do not like honey. Then they both go to visit Piglet, but it turns out that the Tigers do not eat acorns. The thistle that the Tigger of Eeyore treated, he also can not eat. Winnie the Pooh bursts into poetry: "What to do with the poor Tiger? / How can we save him? / After all, the one who does not eat anything / Can’t even grow! ”

Friends decide to go to Gyeonggi, and there finally the Tiger finds food to its liking - this is fish oil, the hated medicine of Little Roo. So the Tiger settles in Kenga’s house and always gets fish oil for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And when Kanga thought that he should eat, she gave him a spoon or two of porridge. (“But I personally think,” said Piglet in such cases, “that he is already strong enough.”)

Events take their course: either an “expedition” goes to the North Pole, then Piglet escapes from flooding in Christopher Robin’s umbrella, then the storm destroys the Owl’s house, and the donkey looks for her a house (which turns out to be Piglet’s house), and Piglet goes to live in Winnie- Pooh, then Christopher Robin, having already learned to read and write, leaves (it’s not entirely clear how, but it’s clear that he leaves) from the forest ...

The animals say goodbye to Christopher Robin, Eeyore writes a terribly confusing poem for this occasion, and when Christopher Robin, having read it to the end, looks up, he sees only Winnie the Pooh in front of him. Together they go to the Enchanted Place. Christopher Robin tells Pooh different stories that are immediately mixed up in his head full of sawdust, and at the end he knights him. Then Christopher Robin asks the bear to make a promise that he will never forget him. Even when Christopher Robin turns one hundred years old. (“How much will I be then?” Asks Pooh. “Ninety-nine,” says Christopher Robin). “I promise,” Pooh nods. And they are walking along the road.

And wherever they come and no matter what happens to them - "here, in the Enchanted Place on the top of a hill in the forest, a little boy will always, always play with his teddy bear."