The scammer of Zhao and his friends - Feng Menglong

Literature of antiquity and the Middle Ages - Summary - 2019

The scammer of Zhao and his friends
Feng Menglong

In ancient times, there was the immense wealth of a certain Shi Chun. It came to him on occasion: he helped the old dragon to defeat the young man. For this, he has received countless treasures in reward. Only in vain did they boast. He was jealous of his sovereign's relative, and even wanted his wife. According to the envy of the rich man, they were beheaded, and his wife, rushing from a high tower, did not get to a villain.

And our story about a richer friend who tried to live modestly, but still ended badly. His name was Zhang, but his ugly womb nicknamed him as an unlucky spoilage. Somehow, his clerks filed a poor couple of honey. So the owner rushed off and picked up the hunger. A certain thief named Sung Fourth planned to punish a thorn and at night robbed Zhang. No evil dogs, no guards, no cunning constipation and traps - nothing stopped him. And he also left his signature on the wall of the treasury. The detectives threw him in pursuit, only he overstretched them: he painfully cleverly changed his face.

In the courtyard of the courtyard he met Zhao Zheng, his student disciple. He was going to fishing in the capital and in the proof of mastery he managed to steal a knot with prey directly from under the teacher's head. Sun was angry, but he managed to repeat his trick and robbed the teacher again. Sung had to admit the aptitude of the student and even provide him with a letter of recommendation to the metropolitan acquaintance. He only advised that he should not bring the student, and that he should be quickened.

Tricky Zhao Zheng read a stealthy letter, but did not retreat. A family of acquaintances of Suna was engaged in trading cakes with a man. Deathly-murder was not in vain to them. Only Zhao managed to put his own child in bed instead of herself. He drank his father and killed himself. He quit in pursuit of Zhao, and a fight fought between them. After that, they found their Sun Fourth.

They decided to work together and even attract some Wang Xu, nicknamed Sick Cat. They struck the house of Prince Qian with the three men, taking away the greatest jewel - a belt of white jade. Detective Ma Hana was sent to search for the missing. But the daring Zhao Zheng not only chased the detective, but managed to pass the paper with mocking verses into the ruler's own hands, and cut the suspension from his belt.

And one more thing was decided by the swindlers to whine. The jade belt, stolen from the prince, led to a suspicious Zhang-Zhadnaya Utrobe, as if pledged. The one at the sight of a jewel easily got into a fishing rod. And the prince was given to know where to look for lost. The zeal was captured and brutally tortured. He promised three days to indicate who brought him the belt.

The thieves have reported to Zhang that his own values can be found in the homes of the detectives Ma and Wang Zunya. They went there with a search and found the loot. The devotees were thrown into the dungeon and tortured, but this did not lead to anything.

As the belt did not recover, the angry ruler ordered Zadnaya Utrob to compensate the prince for losses. He did not take a terrible waste and hit himself. Detectives soon died in a sack. And to the scammers, everything came out of hand. True, this continued until the governor of the area had been appointed Bao by the name of Dragon's Seal. But we will talk about this elsewhere.