The Way to the Blind Guards - Feng Menglong

Literature of antiquity and the Middle Ages - Summary - 2019

The Way to the Blind Guards
Feng Menglong

In ancient times, Lee Qingu, the head of a vast family, rich and the owner of several colored ones, had to be seventy years old. Chad and housewives prepared gifts for him, but the old man asked that each one give him a piece of a durable rope. Nobody knew what the old man had planned, but on the day appointed, a mountain of ropes grew in front of the house. It turned out that Li Qing was about to go down in a special basket into the abyss of the Mount of the Blind Guards to get to the heavens. The rope was woven from the ropes, the gates were built, and the old man was buried in the abyss under the mourning of his mother.

Since he disappeared without a trace, everyone decided that he had died. Meanwhile, Li Qing, after a long torment, reached the palace of the lord of the immortals. At first, they did not want to leave him in the palace, but then they laughed. However, he himself sometimes wanted to return to the ground to tell his relatives about what he saw.

One day, when the feast day in the land of heavenly men, Li Qing broke the order - he looked into the forbidden window and saw his hometown: all his property was in complete negligence, although he was absent just a few days. In the punishment of the lord, the immortals commanded him to go home, and with himself gave him a book and reported the mysterious spell: "Looking at the stones, go. I've done things to the party. Ally live. Pai will appear - leave!"

On the return journey, he got lost and found the road only thanks to the first line of spell. He did not recognize his hometown. And the faces of the passersby were unfamiliar to him. I realized that during his absence, the decades passed. It turned out that all his relatives died in wars. This was told to him by a blind storyteller of things with a plot - just as promised a spell. So he stayed on the ground one, like a finger, and even without a penny.

Looked into the book of the lords of the immortals, it turned out to be a therapist. Li Qing realized that he was destined to become a physician. And he decided to settle down near a medicinal bench of some Jingya - after all, in a curse it was said: "Allah live alive", and the name "Jin" just meant "gold".

Very soon Li-doctor became known throughout the district. He treated the kids, so that he did not need to look at the patient: he measured the drug level - and the disease did not happen.

Years passed. Li Qing was one hundred and forty years old. Here the emperor intended to summon all the immortals of his country to court. Approaching the throne, the Taoists, the heavens informed the emperor that there were three such now. For each one was equipped with a special chase. To Li Qing went dignitary named Pay Pine. Recognizing this, the elder recalled the fourth line of spell: "Pee appears - go away" - and decided to disappear. That's what it meant. He assembled his disciples and reported that his death hour was approaching and necessary, when the breath stopped, put the body in the coffin and tied the lid. He only regretted that his neighbor Jin, whom he had known for seventy years now, was missing.

The disciples performed everything as the mentor ordered. And just then, Dignitary Pay Pine arrived and was very upset when he learned about Li Qing's death. True, once he died, it means that no one is immortal. Still, he commanded to collect information about Li Qina's life, but he did not know much about him: he did not have any peers at all. Is not old man Jin able to tell something. Soon he himself appeared and was very surprised to report the death of a neighbor. It turned out that they met yesterday at the southern gate and he set off on the Mount of the Blind Gate. Moreover, the letter and the subject somehow ordered the dignitary Pey to hand over.

Listeners could not see. And Jin handed Peyu a letter to the sovereign and the jasper rod as a gift. Then he decided that it was necessary to open the coffin and find out the truth. They traveled to the doctor's shop, lifted the lid, and only a pair of shoes and a bamboo staff and a blue smoke stroked. Suddenly - oh miracle! - the coffin woke up and disappeared at the top.

The following year, an epidemic of ulcers swept across the country. She only left the city of Li Qing, apparently, the strength of his healing was still preserved. And the inhabitants of the city to this day worship spirits on the Mount of the Blind Guards.