The beauty of Mo was calculated - Lin Mengchu

Literature of antiquity and the Middle Ages - Summary - 2019

The beauty of Mo was calculated
Lin Mengchu

A certain officer-writer was married to a frivolous woman, prone to love affairs. Even after her son's birth she did not care about the child, but only had fun. Somehow the husband left for business, the wife started a shisha, ran off with the lover from the house, taking her son with him. On the road, a three year old baby began to cry, a brave mother put the child in the grass and went off with her friend.

The child was picked up by the Artist Third Lee. He was childless, and his relatives were very fond of the boy.

Meanwhile, the writer returned home. It's empty. Neither a wife nor a son. Nobody knows anything. One day, passing by accident past the house of Third Lee, he noticed a playing child and recognized his son in him. Did not give up the boy, he said he found in the grass and now his child. Go to court The judge did not believe the Third Lee and ordered to beat him with whips. He stood on his own. But when the tortures intensified, he argued himself: it has long been looked after by a woman and her child, killed her and threw into the river, and took the child to the house. On the Third Lee, immediately put on a heavy block, put on their knees. There was only a sentence to announce.

Suddenly everything darkened. Lightning shone, thunder sounded. The judge collapsed on the ground and let out the spirit; officials hatched the hat, the bosses trembled with fear. And on the back of the deceased judge, the inscription appeared: "Third Li was condemned unfairly!" I had to

continue the inquiry. Soon, they were acquitted, and there they found a careless mother.

Such cases in life are frequent. Here is the beauty of Mo, who made her lover - Jan the Second. Only the husband, having learned, did not want to put up with it and strictly warned his wife. Then the lovers thought of an escape.

Meanwhile, Moo was lonely offended. She decided to ask her husband for permission to go to the pilgrimage. That allowed. It is necessary to tell, that at them the relative - shame Yu Sheng, which long ago for Мо увилась. Now I decided not to miss the occasion. After the pilgrimage, she lured her to her house, drank wine and reached the goal. The beauty was not very resisted. She even threw a drunk about escaping with a lover.

Several times she called Yu Sheng Yang, then ordered the boat to prepare for the customary day and time.

Yu Sheng drove the boat to Mo's house for the day he wanted. But he almost forgot about the drunk, and remembered the escape. Hurriedly stuffed things in the boat. Have gone away Here only I noticed that I did not rush to that. But come back late.

The husband returned home - did not find his wife. Decided that her lover had stolen. He went to Jan. The one was unlocked, and when things were handed over to the search administration, he confessed that they were planning on escaping from Mo, and that he had come up with a woman and did not know. He was beaten, stabbed, but he did not blow himself up.

And the fugitives settled together, betrayed to the amusement comforts. True, Mo all the time remembered Yana II. He realized that there would be no farther between them, and he intended to sell the woman to a local cheerful institution. Lured her there by deception, having agreed with the mistress, and left. She learned that she had sold her a friend, but it was late.

Somehow someone in her area has happened in those lands. Mo was taken to ask her husband, at the same time, and learned about John the Second. He told me his story. The guest promised to tell her husband the news.

So did. Together they went to the search order. There was a case of malicious sale of a person. Yu Sheng grabbed and thrown into the dungeon. He could not deny anything. Jan II filed a petition for release for lack of guilt. The judge ordered to deliver the beauty of Mo. A thorough investigation began.

Yu Sheng beat the whip and gave them back the money earned for the sale of their girlfriends. Jan recognized innocent, although he committed adultery. Here was a deceived husband and said that he renounced his wife. Then neighbors offered her husband to give his wife Yana to the Second. He agreed. They made the necessary papers, and all, to the joy of Mo beauty, was swept in the best.

Lovers learned a lesson from their misfortunes and lived together until the very end.