Boot of the god Erlan - Lin Mengchu

Literature of antiquity and the Middle Ages - Summary - 2019

Boot of the god Erlan
Lin Mengchu

It is said that once the concubine named Han Yuyatsio came to the palace to the emperor. But in the heart of the lord, the beauty of Anfei reigned in isolation. So Yuyatsio became sick. Then, in order to strengthen the girl's health, they decided to give her to the house of official Yang Jianyu, who recommended her to court.

Actively welcomed the guest, but she did not recover. They, together with the host's wife, conceived to bring prayers to local deities, among which the god of Erlan was especially esteemed. We went to the temple, and as the monks spoke the words, Mrs. Han temptly looked at the childhood where God was sitting. He was so beautiful that the girl immediately ventured to have him his husband.

At home, she continued to pray to Erlan in a secluded place. As if praying to her, God appeared before her. He said that he was patronized by heavenly forces, that it was marked by Heaven, and when he did not want, he might not return to the palace.

When the god disappeared, the beauty reminisced about the new date. Overcoming the shyness, she offered his love to God, and Erlan, along with the girl, went up to the bed, where they surrendered caresses.

In order not to return to the palace Yujiao continued to pretend to be ill. He explained to the court captain who brought gifts from the sovereign. Erlan learned about the presents and asked him to give him a yam-bar. Mrs. happily agreed. And then they again surrendered to love.

Meanwhile, something was wrong in the house. Yuyatsio seemed to be strictly guarded, but from her wing he heard the voice of the night, and she suddenly became very bored. Explored - in fact, its visitor visits, resembles a spirit, and the mortal would not be able to penetrate through all constipation. Yang Jian, the master, decided to call the caster to protect the girl from the spoil. His wife warned Yuyako about everything.

At night, Erlan was pleased, and the hostile Wang was already ready. He immediately approached Mrs. Han's wing with spells and curses, but God only shot a shotgun once, and Wang crashed into the ground without feelings.

We decided to invite another enemy, Taos Panya. He promised to catch the uninvited guest. In the evening, Erlan welcomed. Then the Taoist ordered the maid to go to Mrs. Han and noticeably pull off her visitor's shotgun. God at that time was drinking with a beautiful woman, because he did not notice anything. Daos safely entered the beauty of the chambers. God grabbed a gunfire, but the weapons and the trail was cold. He rushed toward the window, and the Daos managed to burn with his baton. God disappeared, but at the same time lost his solid black boot from the skin.

Jan decided that the night visitor was not God at all, but a man, but familiar with the witchcraft. They decided to catch him, for which called the best detectives, among whom was famous for Jean Guy. He examined the boot and found the lining paper with the name of the shoemaker. They brought the artisan. He recognized his work, and for whom the boot was moving, they found out from a book in his workshop. They read and froze. It turned out that the boots had been ordered for one of the highest ecclesiastical dignitaries, the chief tutor of Tsuya!

Trembling with fear, went to Tsui - something in the emperor's concubine. The patriarch examined the boot, called the servants, and they remembered that the dignitary himself presented these boots among other things to his beloved disciple who had left for the post of head of the county.

They found this student. He said that on the way to the place of service he fell ill, and after recovering, he went to thank God Erlan. In the temple I noticed that God with a shoe is bad. He decided to give him a pair of boots.

Then the detective, Jean Guy, plotted to smite the temple. He walked under the guise of a wandering merchant. Suddenly a woman suggested that he buy a good item. I looked - a boot just in the first couple! He bought him, compared with what was kept in the executive, and right - a couple. Here it was discovered that a woman who sold a boot, a mate of the abbot of the temple of God Erlan, and the rector owns this witchcraft art. They prepared a potion from sorcery - this temple. They squirted with a potion and wrecked the villain.

Under torture, the pastor acknowledged everything. Even the jasper belt has returned. For the defamation of the sovereign's wife, he was quartered. Mrs. Han was expelled from the palace. She, however, only needed it. Soon she married a merchant.

So the story of the harlot ended.