The powerful demon of Tarak, who for his ascetic feats committed by Brahma in his time gave an irreparable power, frightens and humble the heavenly gods, so even their king Indra is forced to pay tribute to him. The gods pray for Brahma for help, but he can not ease their participation by anything, and only predicts that Shiva will soon have a son who can only crush Tarak. However, Shiva does not have a wife yet, and the gods assign him to his wife the daughter of the king of the mountains of Himalaya Parvati, whose birth the rain showered the earth, foretold the good of the whole world, illuminating all aspects of the world that is in its own way, combining all that is beautiful on earth and in the sky.

To win the love of Shiva, Parvati goes to his abode on Mount Kaialas, where Shiva is betrayed to a severe suicidal attempt. Arriving at his location, Parvati takes care of him faithfully, but, immersed in deep self-contemplation, Shiva does not even notice her efforts, is impassive and indifferent to her beauty and servility. Then the god of love Kama arrives to help her, armed with a bow with floral arrows. With its arrival in the mountains covered with snow, the spring blossoms, and only the abode of Shiva is alien to the joy of nature, but the god himself still remains motionless, silent, deaf and to the spring charms, and to the words addressed to him to love. Kama is trying to pierce his heart with Shiva's heart and melt his cold. But Shiva instantly burns his flame with his third eye. Beloved Kama Rati bitter bitterly over the handful of ashes remaining from her husband.

After the burning of Kama, paralyzed by the unsuccessfulness of his efforts, Parvati returns to his father's house. Relying on the impotence of her beauty, she hopes that only the killing of the flesh will help her to reach the goal. Dressed in a rough laced dress, eating only with the rays of the moon and rainwater, she betrayed, like Shiva, a cruel austerity. After some time a young hermit comes to her and tries to dissuade her from the devious her ascetic, which is unworthy, according to him, cruel, repulsed by her indifference and disgrace Shiva. Paranoid indignation meets the passionate praise of Shiva, the only one who owns her heart and thoughts. The stranger disappears, and instead of him appears Shiva, the great god who took the appearance of a young hermit, to experience the depth of the feelings of Parvati. Convinced of her devotion, Shiva is now ready to become her loving spouse and servant.

He sends suvati to Parvati Himalay's father seven divine wise men - Rishi. He assigns the wedding on the fourth day after their arrival, and the bride and groom are gladly prepared for her. Brahma, Vishnu, Indra, the sun god of Surya participate in the wedding ceremony, and heavenly singers, gandharves, are presented with miraculous singing, decorated with heavenly virgins - apars, with enchanting dance. Shiva and Parvati rise on the golden throne, the goddess of happiness and beauty Lakshmi blossoms with their heavenly lotus, the goddess of wisdom and eloquence Sarasvati pronounces a skillfully composed blessing.

Honeymoon Parvati and Shiva spend in the palace of King Himalaya, then go to Mount Kailas and finally leave in the wonderful forest of Gandhamadan. Patiently and gently teaches Shiva the shy Parvati for the art of love affection, and in their amusements, for them, one and only night passes one hundred and fifty times a year, or twenty-five years. The fruit of their great love should be the birth of Kumar, the god of war, also known as Scandy and Cartwheel.