Humor Dow E - Guan Hanqing (approx. 1230 - approx. 1300)

Literature of antiquity and the Middle Ages - Summary - 2019

Humor Dow E
Guan Hanqing (approx. 1230 - approx. 1300)

Student Dow Tienjang, who since childhood has devoted himself to a doctrine that has overcome many books, nevertheless did not achieve any ranks or glory. For four years now, his wife died and his young daughter remained in his arms. And then poverty has approached. I had to take twelve silver lions at the widow of the austerity cow widow. Now you need to return forty. There is no money, but his aunt started to send the swatts, he wants to marry his son. The student agrees - he will forgive him a debt. In addition, he came to visit the capital to pass State examinations on a bureaucratic position. It is necessary to give a grieving daughter in a house to aunty Tsai.
It's been thirteen years. Over the years, the daughter of a student, now called Dow E, has managed to get married and widow. Now she lives with her mother-in-law. Once, when Aunt Cai went to collect debts, one of the debtors, the doctor Sailo, lured her into an abandoned village and tried to strangle it. Suddenly, the old Zhang and his son under the nickname Zhang-Osselok appear. Cured at the scene of the crime, the doctor runs away. The Savior, having learned that they saved the widow, living with the widowed daughter-in-law, offer themselves as husbands. Otherwise, they threaten to bring death penalty to an end. Aunty is forced to agree, but Dow E resolutely refuses. Busy in fury. He promises to promptly insist on his.
Warden Sailo repents in the accomplishment, but is afraid of the new appearance of a creditor. Here Oslenkok appears and demands to sell him poison, which he planned to poison his aunt Cai, believing that then Dow E will become more conciliatory. The warden refuses, but the intruder threatens to take him to the judge and to blame for the attempt to kill. Terrified Sailo sells a poison and hastily leaves the city.
Meanwhile, my aunt was missing. At her request, Dow E is preparing a lamb soup for sick. A bitch slammed into a soup poisonous drug. Surprisingly, Aunt Fox refuses to eat, and the soup gets to the old peasant, the father of Oslenko. The old man dies. The bitch strongly blames Dow E's murder. According to him, only marrying out for him, she can escape the punishment. Dow E refuses.
The case is considered by the ruler of Tao U. region. He is known for his disaster. According to his order, despite the truthful story of Dow E, she is beaten with sticks, but she also does not raise herself upside down. Then they are going to carve the old woman Tsai. And then Dow E takes the blame on himself. Now its fate is solved: the poisoner will be beheaded on the market square.
On the way to execution, Dow E asks the executioner to lead her around the backyard, so that no one can worry about her mother-in-law. But meetings can not be avoided. Before death, Dow E tells the old woman how things really were. During the execution, confirming the words of the unfortunate person of her innocence, in the summertime there is snow, blood does not shed on the ground, and in the district for three years, drought is established.
After some time, an important official arrives in the district, whose duties include interviewing prisoners, checking for legal cases, searching for intruders and bribes. This is Dow Tienzhan, the father of the executed. The first thing he verifies is the Dow E case, but the official believes that this is a single-faceted one. However, in the dream he is the spirit of his daughter, and the father learns about the circumstances of the innocent death of his own child. However, even a truthful story does not immediately convinces Dow Tienzhan that injustice has been committed: as an inept official, he even wants to preserve his impartiality in the daughter's case. He needs to call the doctor Sailou, Zhana-Oslenko and the old woman Tsai. The clinician can not find anywhere.
Busly denies everything. The spirit of Dow E throws a charge to him in the face of the murder of his father, but he insists on the testimony of the doctor, hoping that they will never find it. But they bring the doctor, and he confirms Oslenko's guilt. He is supported by the old Tsai. The offender is sentenced to a terrible execution: they are nailed to a "wooden donkey", and then they are cut for one hundred and twenty pieces. The ex-ruler Tao U, and his accomplice, was punished. Dow E is completely lobster.