Ruler Nanke - Le Gungzo (770-850)

Literature of antiquity and the Middle Ages - Summary - 2019

Ruler Nanke
Le Gungzo (770-850)

Feng Chunyu became famous as a brave warrior. He was generous, hospitable, but stubborn. Yes, and wine did not disdain. Because of this, they deployed him as deputy commander of the Huaynan area. But he did not care: he settled in his own house, that he was near the old-old ash-tree, and washed down more than the old one.

Once his strong friend was put on sleep on the veranda. Here, Chunyu saw that the runners arrived behind him to call Huainan the ruler of the country.

Meet him there with an unprecedented reverence. The first adviser came to meet him and led the lord. He offered Chunyu his daughter to his wife. Soon and the wedding played. Among the numerous servants turned out to be two ancient friends Chunyuya, and the master in the conversation once mentioned about his father, who had perished many years ago in the lands of the northern barbarians. It turned out that the one - among the subjects of the ruler of the country Huainan. You can not see him, but you can write a letter. Father did not slow down with the answer. Everyone was interested and asked the son a meeting in the future, even called the exact year.

One way or another, Chunyu became governor of the Nankai region, and two of his friend - the chief aides of the ruler. Twenty years he ruled the area, his people flourished. But then there was a war with the Tanylo country. The army was headed by Chanjuy's brave friend, but was defeated, "he died and died. Then he passed away the death of Chanjuya's husband, with whom he caught five children. The second friend remained in Nanca, and Chunyu carried his wife's body to the capital, where he made a funeral ceremony. For many years, Chunyiu continued to faithfully and truly serve the lord, but he suddenly suspected that the son-in-law was a danger to the Huainan country. And then a certain dignitary demanded that in order to avoid trouble, the capital would be moved to another place. Then the bishop Chunyuu commanded to go home, to visit relatives, and explained to the surprised son-in-law that it's time for him to return to the mortal world.

Chunyu awoke on the veranda of his own house and realized that all this was just a dream. And I told my friends about what had happened. Then he led them to the old ash. A whirlwind walk through the hollow was revealed, in which the mountains of the earth were visible - city-to-city fortifications and palaces, where countless ants were scattered. Among them are two big ones, who served the ants-crumbs. There was also a hill where Chunyu's wife was buried. In a word, all with a dream coincided.

And at night the storm came, and in the morning it was not in the hollow of ants. True, and indeed your capital was moved to another place.

He knew about his friends who helped him in Nankai. One died of illness in the neighboring village, the other was dying. Affected by all that happened, Chunyu refrained from women and wine, he became enthralled with the wisdom of the hermits. He died, exactly, in the year in which he was appointed to his father.