Wandering and wizard - Li Fuyang (IX century)

Literature of antiquity and the Middle Ages - Summary - 2019

Wandering and wizard
Li Fuyang (IX century)

Young hangers and moths, having abandoned the affairs of the family, I do not keep alive in distressed expenses. He put all the property in the wind, and nobody from his family wanted to shelter him. He was angry, he roared in the city, complaining and wailing.

Suddenly, an unknown old man arose in front of him and offered so much money, how much needed for a casual life. The embarrassed Du Tsiguchun (and so we magnified our hanging) called a small sum, but the elder insisted on three million. They were enough for a two-year rage, and then the Dua went again in the world.

Again, the elder appeared before him and gave again money - now ten million. All the good intentions to change life were instantly depleted, the temptations overwhelmed the reveler, and after two years money did not happen.

For the third time, an unbroken hangover gave the old man a terrible oath not to spoil money and gave twenty millions. The benefactor appointed him a meeting in a year. He really got stuck, he made family affairs, gave poor families, married brothers, married sisters. So the year has flown.

Met Du with the old man. They went together to the palaces, which could not belong to a mere mortal. A pill of immortality was being prepared in a huge boiler. The elder, having thrown off worldly apparel, appeared in the yellow cloth of a clergyman. Then he took three pills of white stone, dissolved them in wine and gave Du Tsigicunya a drink. He seated it on a tiger's skin and warned that, no matter how terrible the picture opened up in his gaze, he would not dare to utter a single word, for all this would be only guile, gloom.

As soon as the old man disappeared, hundreds of soldiers with naked blades drowned on Tszychunya, who, under the threat of death, demanded that he call his name. It was scary, but Tsilchun was silent.

Fierce tigers, lions, vipers and scorpions appeared, threatening to eat it, to sting, but Tszychun kept silent. Then there was a shower, grunts flashed, lightning flashes. It seemed the sky would collapse, but Tszyciun did not tremble. Then the servants of Hell were surrounded by demons with evil snouts, and they began to scare, boiling a boiler in front of Tszychvyn. Then they took up his wife, who prayed her husband for mercy. Du Tsitchun was silent. She was cut into pieces. Silence Then Zigzag was killed.

He was thrown into the underworld and again subjected to terrible torture. But, remembering the words of Taos, Tsitchun remained silent. The Lord of the Underworld commanded him to be born again, but not a man, but a woman.

Tsitchun was born a girl who grew up in a rare beauty. But nobody heard a single word from her. She married and gave birth to her son. My husband did not believe that his wife was not. He intended to make her speak. But that was silent. Then, in rage, he grabbed the child and stuck his head about the stone. Forgetting the ban, the mother, without remembering herself, shouted with a desperate cry.

The cry had not yet stopped, as Tszychun was sitting on the tiger's skin again, and the elder Taos stood in front of him. He sadly acknowledged that his ward was able to deny everything from the earth, except love, which means that he would not be immortal, but that he would have to live further by man.

Tsitchun returned to people, but very sorry for the broken oath. However, Senior Taoist never met him again.