Legend of Sohrab - Abulcasim Firdousi (approx. 940-1020 or 1030)

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Legend of Sohrab
Abulcasim Firdousi (approx. 940-1020 or 1030)

Once, Roste, awakening lightly, filled the arrows of the quivers, saddled his mighty racquet Rehsha and rushed to Turan. Along the way, he struck a ongra, roasted it on a spit from a trunk of a tree, ate a whole carcass, and, drinking with water from the spring, fell asleep with a hero's sleep. Having woken up, he called the horse, but the trail was cold and cold. It was necessary in armor, with arms to hang on foot.

And then the hero entered Semengan. The ruler of the city invited him to be a guest, spend the night with a bowl of wine and do not worry about Rexha, because he is famous all over the world and will soon recover. At the meeting with Rosemus, the king called for the city and the military to know.

The cooks drove the diner to the feast table, and the tailors poured wine. The singer's voice merged with sweet-smelling ore. The pink beauty of dance music broke up the grief of Rostema. Zakhmelev, feeling tired, he went to his cooking bed.

It was already at midnight, when a whisper was heard, the door opened quietly and the slave entered into the hands of a candle, and behind it was slender like a cypress, like a beautiful sun. The lion's heart of the hero was trembling. He said to her: "Name your name. Why did you come at midnight at times? "The beauty replied that her name was Technina and that she was not equal to the kings. "It has eclipsed my mind to the all-powerful passion to give birth to your son so that he would be equal to you in terms of height, strength and courage," said the beauty and promised to find the Rehsha Rezha.

Growth, admiring her beauty, calls the mobeda and tells him to go with a swat to the lord of the father. The king, observing the law and custom of his ancestors, gives his beautiful daughter a hero. At the banquet in honor of the marriage union, everyone was invited to know.

Remaining with his cute spouse alone, Rostech gives her his amulet, about which the whole world was heard. When handing him to his friend, the hero said: "If your daughter sends you fate, attach an amulet for happiness to her spit, and if his son - put him on his arm. Let him grow up with a mighty fool who does not know fear. "

All night Rostam had a girlfriend with her moonlight, and when the sun rose, promising, pushed her to her heart, with passion kissed her on her lips, eyes and chelovek. The sadness of parting left her eyes, and since then the grief became her constant companion.

In the morning, the Semengan ruler came to inquire whether the ghost had settled well, and reported the joyous message: "Your Rehsh finally came to you."

Rostam went to Forgotten. Nine moons passed, and a baby was born, shining like a month. Techmain called him Sochrabov. The Osanka in Rostema, the heroic growth, to ten years he became the strongest in the region. When he learned about the birth of his son, Rosemt sent letters and presents to Takhmin. She told her about her son and warned him: "Oh my son, this is not what the enemy of your father Afrazayev, the ruler of Turan, should know." The time has come, and Sohrab has made a decision: to assemble the army, to defeat the Shah of Iran Kay Kavus and to find his father. He told his mother: "I need a good horse." Quickly found a horse born from Rexha. Bogatyr rejoiced. Immersed impatiently, he immediately saddled him and set off on the way at the head of a huge army.

Soon after the commencement of the march, Sohrab recognizes the lord of Turan Afrasyab. He sends out to meet his two heroes - Humana and Barmana, with the adventure of resorting to trickery, to attack Rostema and Sokhraba on the battlefield, but that they do not recognize each other. Afrasyag has conceived with the help of SoHraba to accomplish two goals: to eliminate the invincible enemy of Turan Rostema and win a victory over Kay Kawoosom. Afrasiab generously presented him with a dozen horses and mules, a turquoise throne with a base of shiny ivory whiteness, a royal crown featuring rubies, and a flattering letter to avenge the vigilance of the young hero: "When you rise to the Iranian throne, peace and happiness reign on earth. . It's a crown of the lordship in the struggle. I send you to the aid of twelve thousand fighters. "

Sohrab together with his grandfather hurried to honor the approaching army and, having seen a great army, was very pleased. He assembled an army and led him to the White Fortress - the stronghold of Iran. The ruler of the land and fortress was the gray-haired Gozhchem of the glorious Iranian kind. His beautiful daughter, Gordaferid, became famous as a fearless and daring rider. Seeing the approaching army, Hedjir, who headed the defense of the city, came to meet. Sohrab, struck by his spear, threw him ground to cut off his head, but Hedger, lifting his arm, prayed for pardon. Then he was bound hands and taken into captivity. The day is for Iranians.

Then Gojechem's daughter dressed in military armor, hid her braids under the helmet, and rushed to the enemy, breaking through his arrow of arrows. Seeing his fighters fall in rows, Sohrab galloped to meet the enemy. The warrior, having replaced the bow on his spear, aiming at the chest of Sohrab with a run. An angry hero threw the rider back to the ground, but she managed to jump up again on the horse, suddenly the slacks of slippers slipped through the chain. Before the hero appeared a young beauty. The hero surprised: why are virgins so brave, what are their husbands ?! He swept the Arkan and instantly captured the state of the beauty.

Gordaferid offered him peace, wealth and castle, saying: "You have achieved the goal! Now we are yours. " Sohrab let her go, and they went to the fortress. Gaidecham and the army waited for her daughter outside the city wall, and as soon as she entered the gate as they closed, and Sohrab remained behind the gate. Going up to the tower, the brave Gordaferid shouted to Sohrab: "Hey, the valiant knight! Forget about the siege and invasion! "Sohrab swore to take the fortress and punish the courageous. It was decided to start the battle in the morning. Meanwhile, Gozhemecham sent to the Shah a racer with a letter in which he told about the incident, described in detail the appearance and military qualities of Sohrab. He also reported that they were forced to leave the city and retreat to the depths of the region.

Only the sun rose, Turanians closed the ranks of the troops, following their hangman, burst into the fortress like a tornado. City fortress turned out to be empty. Gozhemhem led the warriors through an underground passage, about which the Turans had never known before. The inhabitants of the land appeared to Sochrab, asking for mercy, and swore allegiance to him. But Sohrab did not understand their words. He began to look for Gordaferid, who stole his heart, flicking like a peri and disappearing forever. Day and night, a hero burned by a secret fire is burning. Messenger Afrasyaba Human, noticing what was happening to Sochrab, tried to turn his thoughts on the war. He said to him: "In ancient times, none of the lords fought captive for passion. Do not chill the heat of your heart - wait for a glorious defeat. " Sohrab understood the correctness of Human.

Meanwhile, Kay Cavis, receiving the message of Gojhendhem, was very alarmed and decided to call Rostema for help. He sent to the knight of noble Giva with a message. Rostam did not doubt his victory in the upcoming battle and continued to feast. It was only on the fourth day he recovered and filed a sign for the army to gather. Rahh at once was saddled. Everyone moved to the palace, leaped and bowed their heads before the chess. Kay Cavis did not respond to their greetings. He was indignant with the daring act of Rostema and ordered in his hearts to execute him. The haphazard looked at the shah with a terrible look and covered it with a thief, fluttered the horses and ran away. In the affair, he intervened to persuade Shah to return Rostema, remembering his merits, that Roset repeatedly saved his life. Shah ordered the commander to return, calm him down and calm down. He publicly promoted Roscom's royal blessing.

Only the sun rose, Kay Cavis commanded to beat loudly in the liraver. The troops were headed by Gib and Tus. One hundred thousand chosen fighters, dressed in armor, left the city on horseback and camped in front of the White Fortress. Sohrab, ready for the battle, drove off on his sharp horse, but before that he asked the captured Hedjir to show him the famous Iranian commanders, including the mighty Rostema, for the sake of meeting with whom he began the war. But the insidious Hedger deceived him, stating that Rosemt is not in the camp of the Iranians. Frustrated Socrates had nothing left to accept the battle. He jumped up on the horse and fiercely rushed into the battle. Before the Shakhty tent, riding on a cutter horse, he challenged the enemy. Shah's warlords did not even dare to look at the hero. The weight of the hero, a deadly sword in his strong hands, made them despondent; embedded in confusion, the army's army collapsed. Then Sohrab began to call the Shah himself, mocking him.

The Crown Prince Kay Cavus called on the soldiers to help Rosemos quickly put on armor and dress her horse. Here he is already on a racetrack and with a belligerent cry comes to meet with Sochrabov. Bogatyrsky kind of enemy admired a sophisticated warrior. The heart of SoHraba also shook; in the hope of seeing his father in him, he exclaimed: "Call your name and tell whom you are, I think that you are Roste, to whom the great Neir is the great-grandfather." YOU, he was awed by disappointment. Rosem hid his name, calling himself a modest warrior.

The battle started with short spears, but the fragments left them shortly. Then the swords crossed. Swords broke in a fierce battle, the sticks were bent over, the chain broke down on the opponents' shoulders. The forces were exhausted, but nobody succeeded in winning. We decided to leave, stop fighting. Everyone was surprised by the power of another.

The racers have already rested, the rivals have again come together in battle. This time the arrows were launched, but Sohrab's armor did not succeed in breaking the armor, and the skin of the leopard on the Rosemt remained entire. Hand-to-hand combat began. Roztema grabbed SoHraba for the belt, but the darling in the saddle did not tremble. The battle lasted a long time, the forces were exhausted, and the opponents dispersed again, so that, gaining strength, they would rush into battle.

Anxiety and doubt did not leave Sohrab. The thought of his father oppressed him, and most importantly - an inexplicable force dragged him to Rostema, with whom he led a deadly battle. Before a new battle, Sohrab once again turned to the giant: "What was your dream and your awakening? Is it not better to suppress malice and throw a blade? Is it better not to bite us together? You do not have to hide your name, maybe you are the leader of Zabulistan Roste? "

But Roste did not think about friendship with the young man, who still did not dry up on his lips and did not see his son in Sohrab. A warlike call came again, and the enemies came together on the battlefield. Roztema grabbed Sohrab's neck, snatched his sword and shoved his chest. Sohrab fell to the ground, irrigated it with blood, and died with the name of Rostema on his lips. Rosem was numb, white light shining in front of his eyes. When he came to himself, he asked: "Where is the sign from Rostema?" The young man whispered, "So, means you?" I called you, but your heart did not tremble. Untie the mail chain on my chest and find my amulet underneath. "

Seeing the amulet, Rosemt clung to the dying young man: "Oh my son, my dear, valiant knight, have you been destroyed by me?" Sohrab whispered with bloody lips: "Do not lie in vain, tears. Your tears are heavy for me mortal torment. What is it okay now to kill you? Apparently, fate was desirable. " Rostam jumped up on Rexha and, crying, appeared before his army. He told them how he committed villainy, and added: "You can not go to war against the Turanians, they are rather evil, that I have caused". He grabbed the sword and wanted to cut his chest, but the warriors stopped him. Then he appealed to Goderz so that he would jump to the Shah and tell him about his grief and asked to send the curative potion that is stored in his fortress. However, Kay Kavos decided otherwise: "If he will save his son, my kingdom will fall into dust." Goderz returned with nothing. Covering Sochraba with a raincoat,

Tears broke through the eyes of Rostema. No more grief than becoming a son-in-law in old age.

"What will I say, when asked about a young mother?" - he thought sadly. By the will of his father, Sohrab's body was covered with purple, as the lord. At the request of Rostec, Kay Kavus promised to put an end to the bloody war with the Turanians. Struck with grief, Rostam stayed in place to wait for his brother, who was supposed to spend Turans and guarded in the path of various misfortunes.

At dawn Roset and his wife went to Zabulistan. People met him in deep sorrow. To know has sprinkled the head of the ashes. The coffin was placed under the arches of the palace and, with loud sobs, thrown into the grave. The burning of my mother, who lost her only son, had no end, and only a year later she went to the grave behind him.