The prophecy of Gripir - Senior Edda (Eddadigte) second half of the XIII century. - Collection of ancient Icelandic songs

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The prophecy of Gripir
Senior Edda (Eddadigte) second half of the XIII century. - Collection of ancient Icelandic songs

Gripper rules the earth, he is the most wisest among people. Siturd, the son of Sigmund, is to him in the ward to find out what is destined for him in life. Gripir, who is the mother of Sigurda's brother, Greetings takes his relative.

And Gripir Sigurdu says that he will be great: he will revenge first for his father and Hunting Kongu will fight in the battle. Then he will strike Regina-dwarf with the Faphrin-snake and, finding Falphar's lair, will load his Horse by the name of Grani with a "golden cargo" and will go to Konuk Hugh. On the mountain she will see a sleeping girl in armor. Sigurd will crush the armor with a sharp blade; the maiden will awaken from sleep and teach Sigmund son of the wise wise rune. Further, Sigurd's youth can not see Gripir.

Sigurd feels that he is waiting for his sad lot, and therefore Gripir does not want his fate to tell him further. And then in Sigurd's conversation, Gripir says again.

"There are virgins in Heimir, beautiful face," Brunhild calls her, and she will deprive Sigurda's rest, for he will love her. But hardly Sigurd at Gyuko will fly the night, he will immediately forget a bright girl. Gimm Hilde's treacherous wife will be given to her by the blond Gudrun, the daughter of Grimhild and Gunnar. And for Gunnar, he will be Brunhild swaddling, having changed our face with Gunnar. But even if he looks like Gunnar, his soul will remain the same. And Sigurd will be noble with the maid next to him, but there will be a sword between them. And they will condemn the Sigurda people for such a deceit of the virgin worthy.

Then the princes will return and in Gyuki's wards two weddings will be played: Gunnar with Brunhilde and Sigurd with Gudrun. By the time Gunnar and Sigurd will turn their faces back, but their souls will remain the same.

Will live happily Sigurd and Gudrun, Brunhilde, "marriage bitter will seem, she will seek revenge for the deception." Gunnarra will say that she did not keep the sages of her Sigurd, "when the noble crocheted Gunnar, the heiress of the Gucci" believed him. And the noble Gudrun wife will be angry; From grief, cruelly with Sigurd, she will do: the slaughterers of Sigurda will be her brothers.

Grimhild the treacherous one will have to do this.

And Gripir says to the sad Sigurdu: "In that consolation, prince, you will find that a lot of happiness is destined for you: here on earth, under the sun's habitation, there will be no hero, equal to Sigurda!"

Sigurd answers to him: "We will be happy to be happy! Do not argue with fate! You, Gripir, performed a good request; I would predict you more luck and happiness in my life if I could!"