The second song about Helgi, the killer of Hunding - Senior Edda (Eddadigte) second half of the XIII century. - Collection of ancient Icelandic songs

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The second song about Helgi, the killer of Hunding
Senior Edda (Eddadigte) second half of the XIII century. - Collection of ancient Icelandic songs

Conunga Sigmunda is the son of Helgi, Hagal is his instructor.
One bonus of warlike Hunding is called, and he has many sons. The thrill reigns between Sigmund and Hunding.
Kong Hunding sends people to Hagal to find Helgi. And Helgi can not hide otherwise than as a slave dress; and he begins to grind the grain. People are searching for Hunding Helga everywhere, but they do not find. Here, Blind Zlokoznenny notes that the eyes of a slave are too sore and grunts in her hands are cracking. Hagal also replies that there is no miracle, for Konuna's daughter of mills turns; before she was worn under the clouds and could fight like bold Vikings, now Helgi captured her.
Helgi escaped and went to the battle ship. He hit Kongund Hounding and since then the name has become the Hounding Killer.
There is a daughter at Honni Konguh, Sigrun-valkiriya, which is worn by the air. Prosvata Sigrun for Hodbrodd, son of Konung Grummar. Helga is powerful at this time with the sons of Hunding fighting and killing them. And then resting under the Stone Orlin. Sig-run flies to him, hugs him and kisses him. And Helga she fell in love, and the virgin loved him for a long time, even before he met.
Helgi is not afraid of the wrath of Högni-konung and Granmar-konung, but goes on war with them and kills all the sons of Granmara, as well as the Kungi Högni. So by the will of destinies Sigrun-valkyria becomes the cause of confusion among relatives.
Helgi is married to Sigrun, and their sons are born. But Helgi's long life is not decided. Doug, the son of Hohni, gives Odin-god a victim, so that he helped him revenge for his father. Gives Od Dag a spear, and that spear pierces Doug Helgi. Doug then goes to the mountains and tells Sigrun what happened.
Sirogun curse on the brother's head calls, Doug whimpered for her husband wants to pay her. Sigrun refuses and the hill pours on the grave of the mighty prince Helgi.
Helgi goes straight to Valgallu, and there, Odin offers him to rule with him equally.
And now, once again, Sergun's maid sees Helgia's dead as she goes with her men to the mound. It looks like a wonderful maid, and she asks Helgi, is not the light coming to an end. And he replies that he is not, for even though he is a horse, but he is not destined to return home. The housewife Sigrun tells what she saw.
Sigrun goes to the mound to Helgi: she is very happy to see her husband, albeit dead. Helga, the dead man, reproached her, she should die in his death. And he says that "now in a burial mound with me, killed, a noble maiden will stay together!"
Sergun spends the night in the arms of the dead, and Helgi and his men flee away the next morning, and Sigrun returns with his maidservant home. Sorbian Sigrun is about Helgi, and soon she takes her death to her.
"In ancient times, they believed that people were being born again, but now they consider it a woman's tales. They say that Helgi and Sigrun were born again."