Songs about the heroes - Senior Edda (Eddadigte) second half of the XIII century. - Collection of ancient Icelandic songs

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Songs about the heroes
Senior Edda (Eddadigte) second half of the XIII century. - Collection of ancient Icelandic songs

The song about Völunde

There was a konung named Nidud, Two sons had his daughter Bedvild.

There lived three brothers - the sons of the Finns' conge: Slagfrid, Egil and Völund. Early in the morning they see them on the shores of three women - they were Valkyrie. The brothers in their wives take them, and Welwood Wonderful gets. They live seven winters, and then the Valkyrids rush to battle and do not return. The brothers are sent to look for them, only Welwood houses the house.

Nidod will know that Wolund remains alone, and send soldiers to him in brilliant mailings. Inside the dwelling, soldiers enter and see: on the bunny's rings are suspended, numbered seven hundred. They take off the rings and strike again, only one ring hid. Wolund comes from the hunt, sees the ring and sees that there is no one. He decides that the young Valkyrie returned and took the ring. He sits for a long time, and then falls asleep.

Having woken up, he sees that he is tightly tied up with ropes. Nidud-konong smites his sword, and the golden ring that was taken was given to his daughter Bedvilde. And then the donut gives the order; To cut the tendons to the Wölund-blacksmith, take it to the distant island and throw it there.

Welwood, sitting on the island, cherishes the revenge. One day two Niduda sons come to him - look at the treasures that were on the island. And only the brothers bowed down to the lazar, like Wolund's head off Cuts off both. They make bowls in the frame of silver from their skulls and send Niduda; "Yakhont eyes" sends his wife; teeth both take and for Bedvilde breast buckles does.

Bedwild goes to him with a request: the ring damaged to fix. Welwund bears her with a ring and a girl's honor takes her away. And then, having received the magic ring back, the air rises and goes to Niduda.

Nidud sits and grieves about his sons. Wolund tells him that in the forge he can find the skin of the heads of the sons, but under the furs of the legs. Bedwild now became pregnant from him. And Völund, laughing, flies back into the air, "Nidud is left alone in the mountain."