Songs about the gods - Senior Edda (Eddadigte) second half of the XIII century. - Collection of ancient Icelandic songs

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Songs about the gods
Senior Edda (Eddadigte) second half of the XIII century. - Collection of ancient Icelandic songs

Song about Hymir

Once the gods from the hunt return with prey and the feast is set and the boiler is not enough for them. And here is the god of the Trur in the friendship of Toru, the son of Odin, the council gives a good one: "He lives in the east ... Humir is wise", and he keeps "a huge caldron, from a depth of a thousand".

And here Thur and Thor go on their way and, having arrived at the place, put their goats in the stall, and they themselves go to the chambers.

Humir appears in the wards, and the guests come to him. Humir breaks the beam, the boilers with it - the score of eight - fall, and the only one remains. Then three cool bulls serve on the table, and Thor eats as many as two.

The next morning, in the sea, goes along with Hyymir Thor, taking the rods. Planting on the hook the Tor-winner places his head in a bull, throws it into the water, and the serpent, that the world of the human hides, the mouth raze and swallows the bait. Draws Tor to him boldly and starts to stab him, why he snakes and snakes again to the bottom. Humir, two whales, took these surf bugs, caught, and now they are right to the shore. On the shore, the power of the Torah to check willingly, orders him to send Himalayer whales to the yard to convey.

Towers whales. But this is not enough for Khumir to check the power of the Torah. He asks him to break his bowl, and Thor, with the force in the stone pillar, casts a cup, "... the stone was crushed into pieces by pieces, but without the cracks the cup returned to Hymir." Here the council recalls Thor: it is necessary in the head of Khimir, ётуна-giant, to throw a bowl, for its skull is stronger than a stone. And it's true, about the head of Hymyr breaks the cup. I agree to give the giant its boiler, but it makes a condition for the boiler seekers to carry it out without any help. Tur, even the boiler can not move, Thor takes over the edge of the boiler, puts it on his head and goes, the bunker on the heel boiler rings.

Not far away they leave, as they turn around, seeing that with Hymy together they are "the mighty army of many-headed". Then Tor, dropping the pot, raises his Mjollnir hammer and kills everyone.

To Asam gods, Thor returns to the boiler, "and now the beers are drinking every bee every winter."

The song about Trume

Thor the dream comes up angry and sees that the hammer Mjollnir has disappeared from him. Loki, to the cunning god, he speaks of his loss, and then they go to Freya's house and ask for her outfit from feathers to find a hammer. He gives Freya's dress, and Loki feathers with feathers, flying out of the edge of the As-gods to the edge where the Goths of Yotuns live.

The Giant's truff sits on a barrage and from a gold pile of collar "dogs. He sees Loki and asks him why he arrived in Yotunheim. And Loki responded to him, did not he Chlorrid-Torah hammers hide? Trumai replies that he hid a hammer and would give it only when his wife gave him Freya a wonderful one.

Loki flies back and Toru says everything. Then they both go to Freya, ask her to wear her outfit and marry them together in Yotongheim. But Freya refuses to do so.

Then the gods are assembled on the tung - they think how to turn them back to the torch. And they decide to wear a marriage outfit on the Torah: to cover their head with a lush dress, and to decorate the chest with a necklace of Brisingov-dwarfs. Loki, the maid of Thor in Yotunheim, agrees to go.

When they see them, Trum says that the tables are crammed to the feast. At the feast, Trume wants the kiss of the bride, but, having threw the cover, she sees that her eyes are sparkling and "the flames of them burst forth". The intelligent woman replies that "eight nights without sleep was Freya," she hurried to the edge of the giants to come. And now, in impatience, the Trum, the Yetun Knong, orders Mjollnir to carry and place his bride on his knees in order to quickly conclude an alliance with them. Chloride-Thor joyfully a hammer powerful enough and the genus of giants all, together with the Trum, exterminates. "So Tor has gotten the hammer again".