Magical headboard - Shen Jizhi (VIII century)

Literature of antiquity and the Middle Ages - Summary - 2019

Magical headboard
Shen Jizhi (VIII century)

In ancient times, a certain Taoist monk, the elder Lucy, who perceived the secret of immortality, met in the courtyard of the courtyard with a youth named Lu. They got into a conversation, and the young man began to complain about his ill-fated destiny: he studied there for so many years, and everything is freezing up without great success. Here he began to overcome the dream, and the elder offered him his head from green jade with holes along its sides. The young man had no time to bow his head, as the lights opened, and the holes began to expand, and, entering the interior, the young man found himself near his own home.
Soon he married, began to grow rich from day to day, and then succeeded in his career as a bureaucrat. The emperor himself pushed him forward. Managing the Shen Province, Lu favored local farmers with an irrigation canal. Later he rose to the governor of the capital's district.
Here in the country there was a military turmoil. However, on the battlefield Lu was lucky and broke the enemy. The emperor generously awarded him with titles and titles. However, the envious did not sleep. The Sovereign was informed that Lu had planned a betrayal, and the highest order of his command was to put him in a dungeon. Burnt then regretted Lou about his youthful striving for service!
More than once, his career vicissitudes had been pinned, but every time he again stood up until he got strangling. He decided to ask the emperor himself for resignation, but he refused. Here Lu and died.
... He just woke up at the magic head of the young man. Now he knew the futility of his dreams, and wealth, losses and luck. He thanked the elder boy and left with a bow.