Mother-in-law - Publicity Terentius Afer (195-159 BC e)

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Publicity Terentius Afer (195-159 BC e)

The young Pamfil was very indifferent to the hether Bacchides. But under the pressure of his parents, a heart-warming heart, he married a neighbor - a respectable Philumene. She loves her young husband. But the heart of that probably still belongs to the heter ... An unforeseen case: at death, a close relative, and Lahet, the father of Pamphil, sends his son to another city in matters of inheritance.

In the absence of Pamphil, an unexpected event occurs: Filumuna returns to her parents' home. This is puzzled and saddened by her mother-in-law Sostrat: she managed to fall in love with the daughter-in-law and did not understand the reasons for her leaving. And even attempts to see Filumen are vain: the mother of the girl Mirinn and the maids always say that Filumen is sick and she can not be disturbed by visits.

Lakheth and even the father of the girl, Phidiph, remain in ignorance. They are neighbors, they are in good relations: everything is incomprehensible and unpleasant to them. Especially since even Phidippa does not allow the female half of the house to a daughter (in a gunner).

Returns from Pamphil's trip. No legacy, incidentally, he did not bring: the relative is still alive and, it seems, in general thought to die.

Pamfil wants to see his wife. And soon it turns out that her illness was quite natural: Filumena gave birth to a boy!

But apparently, it would seem that the joy is clouded by the fact that this child is not from Pamfil. He was conceived, at least two months before the wedding. That's why the reason for the urgent move of Filumeni was under the safe wing of the mother, away from the sights and misunderstandings of the neighbors.

She admits that on some holiday she was captured by a drunken rapist. And now, a child came to light ...

Young mother loves her Pamfil very much. He, however, does not want to recognize a strange child. The older generation takes a more reasonable position: both Sostrat and Lahet are ready to take Phyluman and his little grandson to the home. And Phidipip bitterly reproaches Mirin for the fact that he hid from him the home situation (sparing, of course, the reputation of his daughter and not wanting to worry her husband).

And Lahat immediately reminds his son that he is not without sin: well, even if his recent hobby is heterosexual ... Grandfather's father decides to talk directly with Bacchus. And it turns out that as soon as the young man married, heather forbade him to come to her, showing a clear nobility. Moreover, she agrees to go to the house of Phidippa: to tell Phylumene and Mirinne that from the moment of the wedding Pamfil had not visited her. And he not only tells, but also solemnly swears, And he says, addressing Lahet: "... I do not want your son / It was blurred by false and without reason / Before you turned out to be too frivolous ..."

During this visit, Mirin notices on the finger of the heters ring And he will know it: this is the Phylumana ring! The ring, torn from her finger in that fateful night by a rapist and then ... presented to Bacchus.

So, Pamphil was the drunken hitch! And the born boy is his son!

"Bacchide! About Bacchide! You saved me! "- exclaims the happy newlywoman and young father.

Comedy ends with a scene of universal joy.