Notes on a hairpin - a golden phoenix - Qu Yu (1341-1427)

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Notes on a hairpin - a golden phoenix
Qu Yu (1341-1427)

The rich neighbors agreed to their young children, and a golden hairpin in the form of a phoenix was presented as a gift to the future bride.
Soon the groom's father was transferred to a distant land, and for fifteen years they did not receive any news from them.
The girl without strained, tired, dies and died. In deep tribulation, the parents put their daughter's body in the coffin, and in the hairdo they put a golden pin - the memory of the groom.
Two months later, the bridegroom himself appeared, young Mr. Tsui. During these years he was orphaned, and the unhappy parents of the bride offered him blood and food. Once, the younger sister of the deceased dropped a golden pin from the palanquin. Tsui wanted to return the loss, but could not go to the women's half of the house. Suddenly, at midnight, the youngest sister himself appeared - as though for a hairpin, and began to seducate a young man. He resisted, but gave up.
Realizing that they would not succeed in concealing their love meetings for long, they decided to flee from home to the old faithful servant of Father Tsuya. That's what they did. It's been a year. The fugitives intended to return home, to fall into their parents' legs and to pray forgiveness. The first one was to go to Tsui, and to prove the pin-phoenix that the beloved gave him.
The reception father met him in no way. He could not take any excuses, for his youngest daughter had already been a year ago, and even could not turn herself. Here Tsui showed a pin. In her recognized the decoration of the deceased older sister, who with her put in a coffin.
And suddenly a younger daughter appeared. He explained that the thread of fate, which linked the elder sister to his groom, had not yet broken, and she, the younger, had to marry, or her life would be extinguished. The voice of the younger daughter astonishedly reminded the voice of the deceased. The parents were horrified.
My father began to rebuke the daughter who returned from that world. He explained that the head of darkness had found her innocent and allowed him to live a year of her worldly life. And she died deadly on the ground. They screamed the body with a healing spit, and the girl came to life. As the eldest promised, the illnesses and illnesses of the younger man disappeared, and she did not remember the past events, as if from a difficult sleep awakened.
Soon they played the wedding. The golden spike sold by the young gentleman, bought the money for all that was needed for a grateful prayer, and ordered the monk-Taos to perform the ceremony. After this, in the dream he appeared to the deceased with the words of love and good wishes. Strange, is not it?