Zhao Yuan has buried his parents. As long as he was still married, he decided to go to travel and understand science. Sit down near Lake Sichu.

Casually got acquainted with a girl dressed in green clothes. Immediately mutual love flared up. Only the name of her beauty refused to name, but asked to magnify her Virgin in green.

Somehow in the honey, Yuan joked over the green dress of a lover. But he offended, thought, he hinted at her contemptible position of the concubine - the legal wives were dressed in yellow. I had to tell such a story.

In the past, both Yuan and Virgo served in a wealthy home. They fell affectionately in love with each other, but by denunciation they were punished by death. Yuan revived in the world of people, and she was brought into the book of indescribable souls. Now Yuan understood that the threads of their destinies were linked back in the previous birth, and it became much more tender to treat the beloved. And you enjoyed him with stories and taught me to play chess - she was in this business a great craftsman.

Time passed. It's time for the girl to leave. She missed her, and when he met Yuan to call the doctor, explained that, according to the tablets of fate, their marital love ended and it was useless to resist it. The virgin lay on the bed, turned to the wall and died. In great tribulation, Yuan performed funeral rites. Only this coffin seemed too easy. They discovered - and there was only a green dress, hairpins and earrings. So the empty coffin was buried.

And Yuan took tonsure.