Notes on the Pion Lantern - Qu Yu (1341-1427)

Literature of antiquity and the Middle Ages - Summary - 2019

Notes on the Pion Lantern
Qu Yu (1341-1427)

The custom to admire the lanterns is very ancient.

A certain student, a widow, was betrayed and did not go to the festival. Just stood at the gate. The servant with a lantern remarked in the form of a pair of pions and a beautiful beauty of rare beauty. The tail flashed behind them.

The beauty turned to the student with the word of greetings, and he invited her to her home. He said that he had lost all his family, a round orphan, wandered in a foreign land with a servant of Jinliang, and began to love between them.

An old neighbor suspected a mistake. Looked over: the powdered and the student sat side by side under the lantern. He approached the student with inquiries, and he rested. But, fearing that he lives with a wolf-man, he took advice from the old man and went to look for the dwelling of beauty and maidens.

In the evening he went to the temple. There was a coffin. An inscription hanging from the cover: "The coffin with the body of the lady Lee, daughter of the judge of Funchhua County". Nearby - a lantern in the form of two pions flowers and sculpture maidens. Horror embraced the student.

He rushed for help to the wise Taoist. He gave him magic spells and did not tell him to go to that temple. Since then, no one has been to him.

Once, zhremel at a visit, the student still went to the temple. His maiden was already waiting. He took a hand, led him to the coffin, the lid was raised, and the student with his beloved entered the coffin. He died there.

The neighbor suffered a student. He found the temple and looked at a piece of student dress looking out from under the coffin cap. They opened the coffin, and there was a dead student in the arms of his dead girlfriend. So they were together and buried at the West Gate.

From that time, in the foggy evenings, late passers-by, it was possible to meet all three people: a student with a beauteous and maid service at a pion lantern. Such unfortunate people began to overcome the disease, many of them in the grave. Everyone was in fear. Turned to Taoist. He sent them to the immortal hermit.

The hermit called for the heavenly army and commanded them to fight against evil. Werewolves grabbed and punished with whips. The Trinity repented. The Taoist hermit long thought of the verdict and ordered: a lantern emitting double light, burn, take all three to the custody and send it to the most terrible prison on the lower, ninth, underworld. Shook the dust off the sleeves and disappeared. People did not even have time to thank him.