Saga about Gisly, son of Kisloh - Unknown - Saga heroic

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Saga about Gisly, son of Kisloh
Unknown - Saga heroic

The main events described in the saga are considered historically reliable; they date back to 962-978; The hangings (verse stories) attributed to Gilsy are most likely to be made much later.

Torbjørn marries the Torah, and they have children born: daughter Tordis, eldest son Torquel and middle Guillaume. A man named Bard lives next to him, who wants to get his daughter Torbierna Tordis, while Gisly resists and pierces him with a sword. Torquel goes to Scaggi Drachun, a relative of Barda, and incite him to take revenge for Barda and take Torghida's wife. Gisley cuts off Skeggi's leg, and this duel increases the glory of Guillaume.

The sons of Scaggie approach the Torbjörn house at night and set it on fire. And there, where Torbjørn slept, and Tordis, and his sons, stood two gourmets with sour milk. Here Gisly and those who were with him grab goat skins, make them in milk and fire them with fire. Then break through the wall and run into the mountains. Twelve people are burning in the house, and those who have ignited think that everything is burnt down. And Guisli, Torquel and their people go to the village of Scaggi and kill everyone there.

Torbjørn, nicknamed Kislov, for saving himself with the help of sour whey, dies, and his wife is also followed. Above them burrows mounds, and the sons of Kislogo build a good yard in the Hawk Valley and live together there. Their sister Tondis gives them a marriage to Torgrim, and they settle down next to him. Guillaume marries Oud, the sister of a merchant shipwright Westein.

Here are men from the Hawk Valley of the Valley on the tingle and stay there together. And everybody thinks they will last so long. Then Gisly offers Torgrim, Torquel, and Vestine to take the vow of twin brotherhood. But Torgrim refuses to give his hand to Vestane, and Gisly refuses to hand over to Torgrim. And everybody goes out of the tin.

Torquille does nothing at the farm, and Gilsy works day and night. One day, Torkel sits at home and hears his wife Asgger and wife Gisley Aud. And it turns out that Asgard was familiar with Vest-nam. At night in a matrimonial bed, Asgard arranges a deal with Torquel. Only Gisly, to whom Audaud tells of this, grunts and says that you will not leave fate.

Torquel offers his brother to divide the farm, because he wants to manage with Torgrim, and Gisly agrees, since he does not have any harm to him.

And now Gils has a feast at himself, and Torquay also has a feast with Torgrim. Torquel and Torgrim invite to the sorcerer Tor grim by nickname Nos, and he makes a spear for him.

Westein at this time visits Gisly. One night there is a heavy rain and a roof begins to flow. Everyone leaves the room, Westein is asleep, because he does not drip at him. Here somebody is stolen into the house and spears strikes Vestain right into his chest; he falls off at the bench dead. Gilly enters, sees what has happened, and he takes out a spear from the wound himself. Vestane is burying as it should, and Gisly pronounces bitter hills.

In the autumn Torgrim arranges a feast and invites many neighbors. Everyone drinks dope and go to bed. At night Gilsley takes a spear, which killed Westein, goes to Torgrim and kills him. And since all the guests are drunk, nobody sees anything, Burk, the brother of Torgrim, removes a spear. Everything is done by Torghum. When the message is brought by Guillaume, he speaks to Vise.

Burk moves to Tordis and takes her to wife. Tordis unravels the gaze of Gisley and tells her husband that his brother was killed by Guillaume. Torquel warns Giselle about this, but he refuses to help him, because his son-in-law, his companion and friend Torgrim were dear to him.

Burke on the tingle accuses Gils of murdering Torgrim. Guisley sells her land and takes a lot of silver for her. Then he goes to Torquay and asks if he agrees to hide him. Torquel responds as before: he is ready to give him what is required, but he will not hide.

Guisli are outlawed. He pronounces a painful whistle.

Gisli lives outside the law for six walks, hiding in different places. One day, when he hides his wife Oud, he sees a dream. Two women come to him in a dream, one kind, another is stupid. And then he enters the house where seven lights burn, and a good woman says that the lights mean that he has seven years left to live. Upon waking up, Guisley speaks hanging.

Burk also hired a man named Ayolve and promised him a great reward if he tracked and killed Giselle. When he learned that Gisly was hiding in the woods, Eyol goes to search, but does not find him. Upon return, Eyolva is waiting for some ridicule.

Guisley goes to Torquay and asks him again for help, Torquale again refuses to hide his brother, only gives him the requested silver. Guisli goes to Torgerd. This woman often hides herself outside of the law, and she has a dungeon with two exits. In it, Guisli spends the winter.

In the spring, Gisly returns to his beloved wife, Aud and tells her sad hanging. In the autumn he comes to Torquay and lastly asks him to help him. Torquel answers the same as before. Gilsy takes a boat from him, and then says that the first of them will be killed by Torquel. On that they also parted.

Guisli goes to the island to his cousin Ingyalda. Near the island, he turns over the boat as if he had drowned, and he goes to Ingyland and lives with him. It's rumored to go to Eyolva that Gisly was not drowned, but hiding on the island. He tells Borok about it, he supplies fifteen people, and they float on the island.

Guillaume fools the people of Bourke and goes to the rocks. Burk chases him. Guillaume is cut off by a sword of one of the pursuers, but Burck wounds Gisly with a spear in his leg, and he loses his strength. A man named Ray lives next door. He and his wife hide him from the persecutors.

The trip is a shame for Bork and strengthens the glory of Giselle. "And they say that no man was born as skillful as Gils, and so fearless. But there was no happiness for him."

Burck goes to the tingle, and Torquel, the son of Kisloho, too. There are two boys coming to Torquay, and the elder asks to show him a sword. Having received a sword, he cuts off Torquel's head, and then they run away, and they do not find them. People say that these were the sons of Westsin. The death of Torquay turns to Beard with shame and shame.

Guisy sits in the basement of Aud, and Ayolve comes to her and tells the mountain of silver for what she will point to where Guisli is. Audus throws silver in the wavelength straight into the nose of Eyolva, and he goes away with shame.

Guys are beginning to overcome bad dreams. So, he dreams of having come to him with Ayolve with many other people, and the head of Eyolva is a wolf. And Giselle is fighting with them with everyone. And Gilsy says sad hanging, where it's about death.

The last night of summer comes, and Ayolve comes to Hissley's refuge, and with him are fourteen more people. Together with Aud Guisli, he climbs onto the rock and calls Eulov to himself, for he has more than Hils his score than his people. But Ayolve keeps on the sidelines, people, his Audi beats a knuckle, and Giselle is cut with a sword and an ax. Here two relatives of Eyolva throw themselves in battle, they tear Gisli with spears, and the inwards fall out. Tied to them, Gilly speaks his last whistle, and then he kills his relative Eyolva, falls to him breathless and dies.

Tordis, learning about the death of his brother, is trying to kill Eyolva and divorces Burk. Eyolve, unhappy, returns home. Audus goes to Denmark, accepts a baptism there and goes to Rome in a pilgrimage.

Gisly hid for thirteen years.