Saga about Egil - Unknown - Saga heroic

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Saga about Egil
Unknown - Saga heroic

Salbjar, daughter of Kari, becomes Ulva's wife, nicknamed Kveldulv ("Evening Wolf"). They have two sons - Troll and Grim.

The harald, nicknamed Kosmath, defeats the neighboring royals and becomes the sole rule of Norway. By his insistence, Kveldul sends to him the son of Torulva; Kveldulv himself thinks that Harald will inflict a lot of evil on his family, but Volodya may act in his own way. And Torulov leaves.

A man named Bjarglow has a son named Brynolv. In old age, Bjarglov takes a woman named Khildirid and plays with her an incomplete wedding, because her father is an insignificant person. Biharliv and Khildirid have two sons, Harek and Khrerek. Bjarholm is dying, and as soon as he is taken out of his house, Bryunolv orders Hildirid and his sons to go away. Bryunliv has a son named Bard, he and his sons Hildirid are almost equals. Bard takes his wife Sigrid, the daughter of Sigurd.

In the autumn, Bard and Torullo, the son of Kveldulva, arrive at the Konul Harald, and they accept them well. They become the dignitaries of the conga.

In the winter, Brünholv dies, and Bard gets all the inheritance. In the same winter, the Kunal Harald gives the last battle and captures the whole country. Torullous and Bard bravely fight and get a lot of wounds. But the wounds of the Torulah begin to heal, and Bard's wounds become dangerous to life. And he instructs the sorcerer to wife and son and gives away all his property. After his death, Torelev manages the Bard's estate and marries Sigrid, the wife of Barda. Having received the consent, Torullo arranges a large wedding feast, and everyone sees that Torullo is a noble and generous person.

The sons of Hildirid come to Thorow, and they demand that they give back the good formerly owned by Bjarlów. But Torullo replies that Bard did not consider them legitimate sons because violence was committed over their mother and brought her to the house as a prisoner, Bard did not recognize them, and he did not recognize them. At that conversation and ends.

In the winter, Torullo and his great wife go to the scouts. He pays tribute from them and at the same time trades with them. Warlord extracts a lot of good and becomes a mighty man.

In the summer, Torullo invites herself to the Kunung feast. Konung sits at a place of honor, looks at numerous guests and is silent. Everyone sees that he is angry.

On the day of departure, Torul calls the conga to the shore and gives him a ship with the head of the dragon. Konung and Torulov part as good friends.

Sons of Hildirid also invite the conge to their feast. After a feast, Harek remarks a conund on Tolkien, as if he wants to kill the conga. Konung believes in the words of Harek. Then the conung rides his way, and the sons of Hildirid come up with their own business and travel there, where he is, and meet him, both here and there, and he always listens with his attention. And now people of the Kungu are beginning to rob Torul's ships and oppress his people, and in the answer Toryvl kills the people of the Konung.

Grim, son of Kveldulva, takes Beru's wife, the daughter of Ingvar. Grime is twenty-five years old, but he already balds, and he is called by Scallagrim ("Bald Grime").

This time, Torullo speaks with his wife, and the conund treacherously attacks him: surrounds his house and burns. But the people of Toralo break the wall and go out. The battle is tied up, and Torullo dies in her, they are buried with proper honors.

Kveldulv finds out about the death of his son, sorrows, goes to bed, then sets up a ship, sails to Iceland and dies on his way. Sculagrim resides in Iceland.

At Scallagrima and Bera, the son of Torvald, who looks like Troll, the son of Kveldulva, is born. The warrior is very cheerful, and everyone loves him.

Sculagrima is born of a son, and gives him the name of Egil. He grows up, and it can be seen that he will be ugly and black-haired, resembling his father.

A man named Bjarne marries Torah, the sister of Torira, against her brother's will. The conan expels Bjarina from Norway. He goes to Iceland and nails to Scallogrim. There they are born of their daughter Asgard.

Torullo is attached to Bjarne. Scallagrim sends ambassadors to Torir, and he, having obeyed their plans, forgives Bjarne. Bjarne returns to Norway, and his daughter Asgard remains at education at Scallagrima.

In the spring, Torullo and Bjarn equip ships and go on a hike. In the autumn they return with a rich prey.

Horund Harrald is getting older. His son Ayrik, nicknamed Bloody Sekir, is raised from Torir, and is very close to him.

Bjarne and Torullo are going to visit Torira. There, Torulov gives the ship a son of the Konung, and he promises his friendship to him.

Airik and Torulov become friends. Airik takes wife Gunnhild, she is beautiful, intelligent and able to conjure.

Scallagrim arranges a competition in force and games in his own estate. The seven-year-old Egil loses to the twelve-year-old boy, grabs the ax and clogs the involuntary offender, and then speaks Vise (poem phrase).

At age twelve Egil leaves with Troll.

Arriving in Norway, Torullo and his brother go to Bjarne to hand him the daughter of his Asgard. Torir also has a son named Arinbjarn. Egil is friends with him, but there is no friendship between brothers.

Soon, Torullo asks Asherd, the daughter of Bjarne, to be his wife. Having received the consent, he rides to collect everyone at the wedding feast. And Egil gets sick and can not go. And Torulov leaves without him.

Egil, recovering, goes along. On the way, he kills a man of the congee. Upon learning about this, the Kong orders to kill Egil. Torir begs forgiveness for Egil, and Aegil is expelled from the state.

Torullous and Egil equip a large warship and make several campaigns. Then they enter the service of the English Konoun Adadystyun. Adalstin is cunning, he breaks the Konung's speeches against him. But in these battles, the tower is dying. Egil buries his brother with all honors. Konung Adelstein gives Egil a golden wrist and two silver chests. Egil cheer and speaks to Vise.

In the spring, Egil leaves for Norway, where he learns that Torir died, and his legacy passed to Arinbjarn. In Arinbjarn, Egil spends the winter.

Having learned of the death of Torulva, Asgard is very sad. Egil marries her, and Asgard agrees. After the wedding feast on the advice of Arinbjarn, Egil sails Iceland to Scallagrim. Egil lives at Scallagrima and deals with his household. He becomes as bald as his father.

One day it reaches to Aegil the message that Bjarne died, and his lands passed him to the star of his Berganund, to whom the boner Ayrik and his wife Gunnhild very much favored. Egil decides to return these lands, and Asgard travels to Norway with him.

Egil takes up the tin case, where he proves that his wife Asgard is the heiress of Bjarne. Berganund proves the opposite. In response, Egil speaks to Vise. The conge is angry, and Egil leaves the tin with nothing.

Egil travels to the land of Berganund, killing him and one of the kings' sons. Property that he can not take away, he betrayes the fire, and then speaks to Vise and sends a curse to the spirits on Ayrik and his wife Hunnhild. Then Egil returns to Iceland, where he is engaged in farming, for Scallagrim is already old and incomplete. Soon Scallagrim dies, and all his good gets to Egil.

Arinbjarn educates the children of the Konung and is always beside him. Aegil is to him, and Arinbjarian advises him to come to a conundum with guilt. Egil blames and composes a praise song in honor of Konung. The song is like a bonbon, and he allows Egil to leave him whole and harmless, Egil goes to Arinbjarnu, and then they say goodbye and divorce friends.

In the autumn rule in Norway begins the Kong Hakon. Egil decides to return his property, which, after Berganunda, is owned by his brother Atley Short. He is at the Konung Hakon and begs to give his wife Asgard a property that Bjarn once owned. Hakon favors Egil.

Egil arrives at Atle Short and calls him on the tingle. At Tinge, Egil demands to return Bjerna's property and proposes to settle a lawsuit in a duel. In martial arts, Egil kills Attaley and speaks to Vise.

Egil goes home to Iceland. He travels from a foreign land a lot of goodness, becomes a very rich person and lives in this country, causing no harm to anyone. In the summer, Egil and Arinbjarn go on a hike, where many good and livestock are mined. Arinbjarn and Egil parted by friends.

Egil spend the winter in the winter. Badward, the young son of Egil, drowns in the bay. Having learned about the incident, Egil grabbed the grave hill of Scallagrima and placed the body of Badward there. Then he writes a memorial song to Badward. Egil had another son, Gunnar, but he too died. Egil puts money on both sons.

Egil lives in Iceland, where he grows old. And the sons of Ayrik arrive in Norway and fight with the Konong Hakon. Arinbjarn becomes an advisor to Harald, the son of Ayrik, and he smashes his honors. Egil adds a laudatory song in honor of Arinbjarn.

Gradually, Egil, the son of Scallagrima, becomes completely old, his hearing weakens, and his legs are poorly obeyed. He sits at the fire and speaks hinges. With the onset of autumn, he becomes ill, and the disease brings him to the grave. He is buried with his weapons and clothes.