Zhin's live recording - Chen Xuanyu

Literature of antiquity and the Middle Ages - Summary - 2019

Zhin's live recording
Chen Xuanyu

I heard this story from one of its participants, the prince's grandson of Inya, and remembered it almost literally.
Iya had a relative, the husband of his cousin. Zheng called him. He was very fond of wine and women.
Somehow friends went to feast. Zheng suddenly remembered the urgent matter and set off on a donkey in the southern quarter of the capital, promising to quickly catch up with a friend. Along the way, he met three women, one of whom turned out to be a real beauties. The acquaintance became acquainted, and after a while, Zheng was already feasting with her new friend at her home. After a stormy night, he glanced at the nearest tavern and observed that he had recognized the fox that attracted men. However, love turned out to be stronger than fear, and Zheng was looking for a new meeting with the beauty. Finally, he achieved that they began to live together. It was then Yin and became interested in a new friend of his friend. Shaken by her beauty, he cursed her love, but she did not give up. Yin helped a friend and his lover with money, provision, and the beauty often arranged his heartfelt affairs. Using her advice, Zheng managed to get rich.
One day, Zheng had to go to distant lands for service. He ventured to take Ren to himself. As he resisted, he still insisted on his own. On the way, she proudly croaked herself. As they traveled along the river, a swarm of dogs popped out of thickets. Ren fell to the ground, turned fox and began to wander. The dogs overtook the fox and tore it apart. Zheng and his friend Yin were insensible. It is a pity that Zheng, a man not far from, was not interested in the character of his wife - he would have known about the laws of reincarnation and miracles!