Clay Cart - Shudraka (IV-VII centuries)

Literature of antiquity and the Middle Ages - Summary - 2019

Clay Cart
Shudraka (IV-VII centuries)

Late in the evening, on the street of the city of Ujjayini Samstkhanaka, the ignorant, rude and cowardly brother-in-law of King Palaki, pursues the beautiful heterosexual beauty Vasantsenu. Taking advantage of the darkness, Vasantseen escapes from him through the open gate to the courtyard of one of the houses. By chance, it turned out that it was the house of the noble brahmana of Charudatta, in which Vasantseen fell in love, meeting shortly before in the temple of the god Kama. Because of the generosity own way and velykodushyya Charudatta boi bednyakom, and Vasantasena, zhelaya help the emu, emu ostavlyaet for storage svoy drahotsennosty on kotoryya yakobы pokushaetsya Samsthanaka.

The next day, Vasantseen will confess Madanika as her maid in love with Charudatta. During their conversation, the former masseur Charudatta burst into the house, who became a player after the ruin of his master. Behind him is the owner of the gambling house, to which the masseur owes ten gold. Vasantseen pays for him this debt, and the grateful masseur decides to quit the game and go to Buddhist monks.

Meanwhile, Charudatta orders to store a box of jewelry of Vasantseena to his friend Brahman Maitreya. But Maitreya falls asleep at night, and the Sharvilack's thief, under all the rules of thieves' art, digging under the house, steals a box. Charudatta in otchayanyy, something deceived doverye Vasantasenы in kotoruyu tozhe vlyubylsya, and togda wife Charudattы Dhuta otdaet emu own way zhemchuzhnoe necklaces, Avto on rasplatylsya with heteroy. No matter how embarrassed by Charudatta, he is forced to take a necklace and send Maitreya with him to the house of Vasantseena. But before him, Sharvilak arrives there and brings a stolen casket with jewelry to redeem his beloved Vasantseen, the maid Madanek. Vasantasena otpuskaet Madanyku without any ransom, and when Shvarvilak learns from her that, unwittingly, he robbed the noble Charodatta, then, repentantly, refuses his craft, leaves the casket from the hetherers, and joins the conspirators who are dissatisfied with the tyrannical rule of the king Pahl.

Following Sharvilak, the house of Vasantseena is Maitreya and brings the pearl necklace of Dhuta instead of the lost jewels. The tattered Vasantseen rushes to Charudatta and, referring to the fact that he lost the necklace to the bone, once again handed him a jewelry box. Under the pretext of bad weather, she remains in the house of Charudata for the night, and Dhut returns her necklace the next morning. But he refuses to accept it, and then Vasantseen shaves his jewelry into the clay carriage of the son of Charudatta, his only uncomplicated toy.

Soon there are new misunderstandings. When leaving on a date with Charudtoga in the city park, Vasantseen mistakenly sits in the carriage of Samsthanaki; Her nephew, the nephew of King Palak Aryak, hiding from the prison hiding from the prison, in which he was punched by Palaka, hides in her carriage. Due putanytsы such Charudatta Instead Vasantasenы vstrechaet Aryaku and osvobozhdaet from the shackles of ego and Samsthanaka in sebja in carts and obnaruzhyvaet Vasantasenu Again donymaet ee svoymy domohatelstvamy. The contemptuously rejected Vasantzena, Samshanaoka chokes her and, hanging dead, hides it under the crust of leaves. However, passing by a masseur who has become a Buddhist monk, finds Vasantseen, leads to a feeling and with it for a while hides.

Between dem Sumsthanak accuses Sharudattu of the murder of Vasantassen in court. Accidental coincidence of circumstances is also against him: the mother of Vasantseña reports that her daughter went on a date with him, while Maitreya, the friend of the Charudatus, was looking for jewelry belonging to the heter. And while nobody believes in the guilty Charudatta, cowardly judges, at the request of King Palaky, have been condemning him to be put on a count. However, when the executioners are ready to begin the execution, a live Vasantseen comes and tells what happened in reality. Following it, Sharvilak appears and declares Palaka to be killed, and the noble Aryak is built on the throne. Aryaka appoints Charudatus to a high state post and allows Vasantseen to become his second wife. The escaped was Samsthanak, but the generous Charudatta releases him to freedom and pays tribute to the fate that, which, “although it plays with people indiscriminately,” finally rewards virtue and piety.