Fifteen thousand lune - La Si

Literature of antiquity and the Middle Ages - Summary - 2019

Fifteen thousand lune
La Si

In ancient times people noticed that life is full of vicissitudes and every act can bring the most unexpected consequences. So, a certain scientist, who succeeded in the examinations of the capital, reporting this in a letter to his wife, spat thoughtlessly, allegedly bored in solitude and took the concubine. Her wife jokingly responded: she was bored and married. Their letters fell into the hands of others, everything was understood seriously, reached the emperor - and the scientist lost his high office. Here's a joke! But our story is about another.

Some luv did not favor fate. Every day, his business was getting worse: he was completely impoverished. From the first wife, Ms. Van, he did not have children. Even before he completely ruined, he took his second wife to the house. All three lived in love and harmony and hoped for the best of times.

Once on the birthday of the father-in-law, the father of the first wife, they talked about the plight of the family. The prostitute borrowed fifteen bundles of coins for the sight, so that he opened the trade, and his daughters ordered to remain in the parent's home, until the husband did not adjust. Liu took money and went to the second wife, who guarded the house.

On the way, he turned to the friend to consult, how to better manage the money, and drank superfluous. She appeared home under the hood, and on the second wife's question, take it and bryakni: supposedly, I sold you to one person, and I got a deposit. Said and fell asleep. And the second wife decided to go to her parents to wait there for the buyer. But at night one is afraid, so she spent the night with an old man's neighbor, and in the morning went into the path.

Meanwhile, a player who lost in the dust traversed into the sleeping husband's house. He dreamed of stealing something, but here's a lot of money. But the husband woke up, he wanted to raise the scream, only the thief grabbed the ax, and decided the unfortunate.

The body was found. In the murder they suspected a second wife, who was taken along their way to their parents. In trouble, her accidental travel companion, who sold silk, found in a bundle fifteen bundles of coins on an equal footing. The judge did not want to go into business, everything testified against the suspects. They were executed.

Meanwhile, the first wife wore a mourning year, and then decided to move to his father's house. On the way she fell into the paws of the robbers and, in order to escape the violence, she agreed to become the wife of their leader. They lived happily, the wife persuaded her husband to throw a terrible craft and engage in trade. He agreed. And once confessed to his wife in a murders. From his story, the woman realized that he was the killer of her first husband. She hurried to the city to the judge and opened everything to him. Robber grabbed. He confessed in everything. When his head slipped over his shoulders, the widow sacrificed her to her first husband, his second wife and her innocent fellow traveler.

Here's what disasters caused a casual joke!