Yan Guifei - La Si

Literature of antiquity and the Middle Ages - Summary - 2019

Yan Guifei
La Si

A girl named Jan was orphaned early. The reigning emperor Xuantzong honored her favor with her, called "guyfei" ("precious concubine") and generously awarded. The rain of favors was spilled and for the whole family, Jan, sister and brothers acquired an unprecedented power. 
Gradually the emperor ceased to visit other palace concubines. Days and nights he spent with Yang Guifei, reassuring her with the ideas of skilled dancers, musicians, jugglers, magicians, walkers. The attachment of the emperor was strong, and the influence of the Jan family was growing, no one was able to compete with them, Gifts had no number. 
Several times, the emperor tried to separate Yan Guifei from his misdeeds, but so longing for her, that he immediately returned her to the palace.
The years of great love flowed serenely, while one of the imperial generals, An Lushan, did not raise a rebellion. It was then that it became clear how the people hated the Jan family, which equaled the power and wealth with the sovereign. Troubles mourned dissatisfaction. True to the emperor, the soldiers first dealt with the minister of the Yang family, killing at the same time and his son and other relatives. Then the life of Yang Guifei was demanded from the emperor. Only when the rebels saw the dead body of a hated concubine, they calmed down. 
The rest of the days the Emperor sadly saddened by the beloved. Everything in the palace reminded her. At his request, the Taoist-witch went to the afterlife, where he met with Yan Guifei. He promised her a quick date with the emperor. And in fact, soon after, the sovereign died and in a new life forever joined with a precious girlfriend.