Notes from the headboard - Genius Dzuihitsu - Say Seongon (966-1017)

Literature of antiquity and the Middle Ages - Summary - 2019

Notes from the headboard - Genius Dzuihitsu
Say Seongon (966-1017)

This book will observe everything that went before my eyes and worried my heart, I wrote in silence and solitude of my home ...

In the spring is dawn.

Everything was more white than the mountains, so they were lightly lit up. The clouds torn with purple with thin ribbons stretch over the sky.

In the summer - the night

No words, it is beautiful in the moonlight, but also the dark darkness pleases the eyes when the air is carried by countless fireflies ...

In the autumn - twilight.

The sunshine, throwing bright beams, is close to the teeth of the mountains. Crows, three, four, or two, rush to their nests - what a sad charm! The sun will come, and everything is full of unspeakable sadness: the noise of the wind, the sound of the cicadas ...

In the winter - early morning.

Fresh snow, there is nothing to say, beautiful, white andean, too, but wonderful and frosty morning without snow. Hurry fire, burn flames, and you feel the winter!

The beautiful time is the fourth moon during the festival of Camo. Parade kaftans of the most noble dignitaries, the higher courtiers differ only in the shade of purpura, darker and lighter. Lingerie - made of white silk. So it cools cool, tufted foliage on the trees grows green. And in the evening there will be light clouds, somewhere in the distance hiding the cry of a cuckoo, so obscure, as if you were wondering ... But how does he care about the heart! Young girls - the participants of the solemn procession - have already washed and combed their hair, the pre-holiday fuss is reigning in the house - the tufts were torn, the sandals are not the ones. Mothers, aunts, sisters - all dressed up paraded - accompany girls, each is decent to their rank. Glamorous procession!

It happens that people call one and the same different names. The words are different, but the meaning of one. The speech of the monk. Men's speech. The speech of a woman.

A few words are fine.

Mrs. cat, who served at the courtyard, was dearly referred to as Mrs. Mother, the Empress was especially fond of her. One day, a mom who was attached to a mistress cat, shouted at her when she was drank in the sun and ordered the dog Okinaamaro to bite her. The stupid dog rushed to the cat, and he slipped into the chamber of the emperor - and shmig to him in the bosom. The emperor was surprised, ordered to punish a brave mother, and dog to beat and send to the Dog Island. The dog was kicked out for the gate. More recently, on the third day of the third moon, he walked proudly in the procession, his head decorated with peach flowers, and on the back - a branch of blossoming cherry. At noon, we heard a mournful dog, then Okinamaro slowly returned from the link. They were thrown at him and thrown him out again. At midnight, a dog, swollen, beaten up to unrecognizable, was under the veranda. The near-minded sovereigns wondered and could not understand he or not he The poor dog trembled, tears flowed out of his eyes. Meanwhile, Okinaamaro, setting the mirror, I exclaimed: "Okinamaro!" And the pond cheered gladly, the Empress smiled, and the emperor himself came to us, knowing what had happened, and forgave the dog. How did he cry when he heard the words of the heart's participation! But it was a simple dog.

What causes dismay.

The dog that walks among the white day.

Winter clothes are the color of scarlet plums at the third or fourth moon.

Childbirth room where the child died.

Expect all night. The dawn is already daunting, suddenly a quiet knock on the door. Your heart is more powerful, you send people to the gate to find out who has promised, but it turns out there is not one you are waiting for, but a person who is completely indifferent to you.

Or else here.

In the bustling house of the jealous of the fashion, they bring a poem in the old taste, without much beauty, composed in a minute of boredom by an old man hopelessly upset from the eyelids.

Long rains in the last month of the year.

That's what they are laughing at.

Collapsed fence.

A man who has seen a great lust.

What is annoying.

A guest who spells out endlessly when you've never been. If you can not count on it, you will bring it faster without long ceremonies. And if the guest is a significant person?

Thaw the stick of carcasses, and trowel the hair. Or in the ink came a stomach and scratches a rumor: creak-creak.

What is expensive as a recollection. Dried leaves of mallow. Toy dolls for dolls.

On a rainy day when it rains, you will suddenly find an old letter from someone who was dear to you.

What pleases the heart,

the Heart rejoices when you write on a white, clean paper with such a thin brush, that it seems she will not leave traces. Stretched soft threads of fine silk. A cup of water in the middle of the night when you get awake from sleep.

Flowers on branches of trees.

The most beautiful is the spring color of red shades: from pale pink to dense scarlet. In the dark green of the orange blossoms blossom alley. What to compare their charm to another morning after the rain. The Pomeranian is inseparable with the cuckoo and is especially dear to people. The pear flower is very modest, but in China it is composed of poems about it. You look - in fact, at the ends of his petals lies a pink glow, so light that it seems that your eyes are deceiving you.

What is refined beautiful.

A white cape, trimmed white, over a pale lilac dress.

Wild Goose Eggs.

Plum colored with snow.

A lovely baby who is eating strawberries.

During the seventh day of the moon blowing whirlwinds, rains rustle. Almost all the time is cold weather, forget about the summer breeze. But it is very pleasant to take a nap in the afternoon, throwing clothes on the head on a thin wadding lining, which still holds the weak smell of sweat.

What's in disarray with each other. Snow on a pathetic shack.

The toothless woman bites the plum and wrinkles: sour. A woman from the bottom of society has been wearing purple trousers. In our time, however, you see it at every step.

The man must accompany the escort. The most charming handsome people do not stand in my eyes unless they are supposed to come.

The child played with homemade onions and whip. He was lovely! I wanted to stop the crew and hug it.

Leaving at dawn the beloved, a man should not take too much care of his outfit. In the moment of parting, he, full of regret, is slow to climb from the bed of love. The lady rushes him away: they are already light, they will see! But he would be happy if the morning had never arrived. But after all, it happens that another lover pops up in the morning like a stranger. At farewell throws only: "Well, I went!"


The grass of the homemade is "arrogant".

Grass Mikura. Grass "mats for leeches". Moss, young sprouts on antlers. Ivy. Acne is bizarre in appearance, it is depicted on a parchment.

How sorry is the grass for me? "Confusion of heart".

Themes of verses. The capital Creeping the Vine ... Grass Mykuri. Puppies Hail.

What gives birth to anxiety.

You come to the unfamiliar house at night. The lights in the lamps do not light up, so that the faces of women remain hidden from the eyes of others, and you sit beside the invisible people.

There was a clear, moonlit night. The Empress sat near the verandah. The maidlin was delighted with her play on the lute. The ladies laughed and talked. But I, leaning against one of the verandah tables, remained silent.

"Why are you silent? Asked the Empress. - Tell me a word. I'm sad."

"I only contemplate the inner heart of the autumn moon," I replied.

"Yes, that's exactly what you should have said," the sovereign said.

I write for my own pleasure all that unknowingly comes to my mind. Can my sketchy sketches be able to withstand a comparison with real books written in accordance with all the rules of art? Still, there were some kind readers who said to me: "That's great!" I was amazed.