Olympus - Folk

Literature of antiquity and the Middle Ages - Summary - 2019


High on Olympe (1) is light Zeus, surrounded by many gods ... Lovely Orays (2) guard the entrance to the high Olympus and raise a thick cloud of the closing gate when the gods descend or go up to the bright chambers of Zeus. A blue, bottomless sky spread wide above Olympus, and golden light was pouring from it. Neither rain nor snow is in the kingdom of Zeus; there is always a bright, joyous summer there. And clouds are falling below, sometimes they close far away. There, on the ground, in spring and summer, autumn and winter are replaced, joy and fun are replaced by misery and sorrow. True, the gods know the sorrows, but they soon pass, and joy is re-established on Olympus again.

The gods pray in their golden palaces built by Zeus son Hephaestus (3). King Zeus sits on a high golden throne. The magnificent and proudly calm consciousness of power and power breathes the courageous, divinely beautiful face of Zeus. His throne is the goddess of the world Ayren and the constant companion of Zeus, the winged goddess of victory of Nike. Here comes the beautiful, majestic goddess Hera, the wife of Zeus. Zeus honors his wife: Hero, the patron saint of marriage, all the gods of Olympus, surrounds Hercules ...

Peoples the gods ... bring them amvrosy and nectar - food and drink of the gods. Beautiful charites and muses (4) delight in singing and dancing. Catching their arms, they drive round dances, and the gods admire their light movements and the strange, ever-young beauty. The feast of the Olympians becomes more cheerful. On these feasts, the gods decide everything, on them they determine the fate of peace and people.

With Olimp, Zeus sends his gifts to people and affirms the order and laws on earth. In the hands of Zeus, the fate of people; happiness and misery, good and evil, life and death - everything in his hands. Two large vessels stand at the gate of the palace of Zeus. In one vessel is a gift of good, in another - evil. Zeus draws good and evil in them and sends them to people. Woe to that man to whom the thunder-collector drew gifts only from a vessel with evil. Woe to the one who breaks the order established by Zeus on the ground and does not comply with its laws. Crown's son will thrust his thick eyebrows thoroughly, then the black clouds will cloud the sky. The great Zeus is angry, and his hair is terribly lifted up on his head; his eyes will light up with an intolerable shine; he will wiggle his right hand (5) - the thunders of the thunder will sweep across the sky, the flame lightning will flash, and the high Olympus shakes ...

(1) Olympus is a sacred mountain of ancient Greeks, considered to be the seat of the gods.

(2) Ora - the goddesses, who were in charge of the change of times of the year, order in nature.

(3) Hephaestus is a god of fire and a forge craft.

(4) Charitas (Romanians are graces) - the patron saint of beauty, joy, personification of women's charm; muses - patron saints, poets, arts and sciences.

(5) The right hand is the right hand.