About the Kitezh city - Folk

Literature of antiquity and the Middle Ages - Summary - 2019

About the Kitezh city

In the wild oaks (Vetluga - Volga tributaries) there is a lake. It is located in the forest more often. The blue waters of the lake lie motionless day and night. Only occasionally a light bird runs through the lake. There are days when silent singing comes to the quiet banks of the lake and a distant bell ringing is heard.
Long ago, even before the arrival of the Tatars, on the spot of the lake was the glorious hill Kitezh. In the center of the city there were six heads of churches.
Having come to Russia and has won many of our lands, Baty (Baty - the Mongolian khan who led the campaign to Eastern and Central Europe) heard about the glorious Kitezh-grad and rushed to him.
The Tatars wanted to take the city by force, but when they came to his walls, they were amazed. The inhabitants of the city not only did not build any fortifications, but even did not intend to defend themselves. Until the Tatars there was only the bell ringing of churches. Residents prayed for salvation.
And as soon as the Tatars rushed to the city from under the ground, suddenly many powerful springs were slaughtered and the enemies retreated in fear.
But the water all ran and ran ...
When the verse was her noise, there were only waves in the city's place. In the distance was a lone head of the cathedral with a shining middle cross. She slowly plunged into the water. Soon the cross also disappeared.
Now there is a path to the lake, called Batyevo trail. She can bring everyone to the glorious city of Kiteu.