Evpation Kolovrat - Folk

Literature of antiquity and the Middle Ages - Summary - 2019

Evpation Kolovrat

And the king of Baty began to fight the cursed Ryazan land and went to the city of Ryazan. And the hail was besieged, and they fought for five days without fail. Batyevo's army changed, and the townspeople fought steadily. And many townspeople were killed and others were wounded, and others were devastated by great labor and wounds. On the sixth day, early morning, bad (1) went to the city - one with lights, others with stenobitnym guns, and the third with countless stairs - and took the hail of Ryazan December month on the 21st day. And the cathedral of the Most Holy Mother of God came to the church, and the great princess Agrippinu, the mother of the Grand Duke, with snows, and other duchesses, was made with swords, betrayed the bishop and priests to the fire, burned in the holy church, and many others fell from the arms. And in the city of many people, both wives and children, they drew sword with swords, and others were sunk in the river, and the priests and monks were left without a residue, and the whole town burned, and all the beauty of the glorious (2), and the riches of Ryazan, and the affiliates of the Ryazan princes - the princes of the Kiev and Chernigov - captured. And the temples of God were ruined and in the holy altars (3) shed a lot of blood. And there was not one living in the city: all the same, they died and ate a single bowl of mortal substance. There was neither a groaning nor a crying here - neither father nor mother of children or children of his father and mother, brother or brother, or relatives of relatives, but all lay dead together. And it was all for our sins. neither brother nor brother, or relatives of the believers, but all lay dead together. And it was all for our sins. neither brother nor brother, or relatives of the believers, but all lay dead together. And it was all for our sins.

And the devious king of Baty saw the terrible shedding of the blood of Christian, and became even more angry and hardened, and went to Suzdal and Vladimir, intending to capture the Russian land, and eradicating the Christian faith, and destroying the churches of God to the ground.

And one of the nobles of the Ryazan nobles Evpathy Kolovrat was at that time in Chernigov with Prince Ingvar Ingvarevich (5), and heard of the invasion of the evil king, Baty, and came from Chernigov with a small wife, and rushed fast. And he came to the land of Ryazan and saw her empty, the cities were ruined, the churches were burned, people were killed. And he rushed to the city of Ryazan, and saw the city devastated, the sovereigns (6) killed and many people of the lightened: some were killed and visited, others were burned, and others were sunk in the river. And Eupattius cried out in the grief of his soul, burning in his heart. And he gathered a small wife - one thousand seven hundred men whom God had kept outside the city. And they chased after the wicked king, and scarcely caught him in the land of Suzdal, and suddenly attacked the camp (7) Batyevs. And they began to sack without mercy, and all Tatar regiments were mixed. And the Tatars became like drunk or crazy. And they beat Eupatti so mercilessly that the sword was dull, and he took Tatar swords and sected them. The Tatars felt that the dead had risen. Eupaty, passing through strong Tatar regiments, beat them mercilessly.

And he drove around Tatar regiments so brave and courageous that the king himself was frightened.

And the Tatars from the regiment of Evtyalyev were scarcely caught by five men of war, exhausted from great wounds. And they brought them to the king of Batu, and the king Batu began to ask them: "What kind of faith are you and what land, and why do you do a lot of evil?" They replied: "We are Christians, slaves of Grand Prince Yuri Ingvarievich Ryazan, and from the regiment we are Evpatia Kolovrat. We are sent from Prince Ingvar to Ingvarievich Ryazan, you, a strong king, to honor (8), and to honor honestly, and to honor you. Do not look, Tsar, that we do not have time to pour the bowls on a great force - the Tatar army. " The king, however, looked at the answer to their wise man. And he sent Shurich (9) to Khosturul to Evpatia, and with him were strong Tatar regiments. Khosttorul boasted to the king, promised to bring the king of Evpatia alive. And Eupatya surrounded strong Tatar regiments, trying to take it alive. And Hostivrul came up with Evpathy. Eupaty was a giant of power, and Khosstorul split on the floor (10) to the saddle. And the power of the Tatar began to crush, and many of the famous heroes of Batyevs broke them apart, cut them one by one, and cut them off to the saddle. And the Tatars cried out, seeing what Evpathy was a strong giant. And they set upon him plenty of tools for throwing stones, and began to beat him out of countless camembertes, and hardly killed him. And they brought his body to Tsar Batya. The king sent Batu to marshals, princes, and sannyaks (11), and began to look at all the courage, fortress, and the courage of the army of Ryazan. And the men who were near to the king said, "We have been with many kings, in many lands, in many battles, and they have not seen such fools and sojourners, and our fathers have not told us: these are men who are winged, do not know the deaths of death and so hard and courageous on the horses beating - one with a thousand, and two - with ten thousand. None of them will eat alive from the bout. "And Baty said, looking at the body of Eupatyevo:" O Kolovrat Eupaty! Well, you swept me with my little wife, and many heroes beat my strong hordes, and beat a lot of regiments. If this served me here, I would have kept him from my very heart. "And he gave the body of Eupatya to the remaining people of his wife, who were captured for battle, and ordered Tsar Baty to let them go, and not harm them.

(1) The poor - so the author calls the invaders, the unbaptized, the Gentiles.

(2) It means the extermination of noble people and the destruction of beautiful buildings in Ryazan.

(3) The altar is the main, eastern part of the church, separated by a iconostasis.

(4) Almighty is a native, noble man.

(5) Ingvar Ingvarevich - Prince Ryazan, brother of the Grand Duke Ryazan.

(6) The monarchs - here: the nobles, princes.

(7) Condition - a military camp, here: troops.

(8) To honor and honor, and to honor you - here is a mockery: to give you respect.

(9) Shurich (shurin) - his wife's brother.

(10) On-floors - in two, in half.

(11) For marshams, and princes, and sannyaks - for Tatar nobles.