Fight on the Kalinovsky Bridge - Folk

Literature of antiquity and the Middle Ages - Summary - 2019

Fight on the Kalinovsky Bridge

In a certain kingdom, in a certain state they lived-there was a king with a queen. Everyone lived well, only they had no children. Once upon a time the queen dreamed that there was a quiet pond near the palace, in that pond, ersh with a golden tail. The queen will die, that if she eats this breed, then her son will be born. The next morning she told the king about her dream. The king called the fishermen, ordered to find a quiet pond, throw in a silk navel in it. The fishermen drove a navel, and they caught their horses with a golden tail. The queen rejoiced, she called her beloved friend, replied my daughter, and said:

- Velya, girlfriend, to cook a lunch for dinner, so watch no one touch it.

Became a girl-machine-maker Ersha to cook, and the pop daughter turns around the stove. "What kind of fish is so bizarre?" - Thinks. He took off the golden feather on the left side and ate it.

Here the black-haired girl could not bear it - she tore off her fever from the right side and into her mouth. And then the queen eats her, he cleaned the plate.

Behold, soon, whether it was for a long time, were born to each according to his son-in-law. The tsarina is Ivan the Tsarevich, Ivan Popovich is full of, and Chernavsky is a peasant son.

The boys began to grow not by day, but by the clock. As a good yeast dough rises, so they stretch upwards. By ten years the heroes were steel - nobody could handle them. The silhouette is running through the hinges, who are grasped by their hands - a hand away, who will be pulled by the leg - the leg is wound. Only to play with each other and could.

Here they went to walk in the garden, saw a huge stone. Ivan Tsarevich stumbled in his hands - he moved a little. Ivan Popovich took it for him - he lifted his finger. Ivan grasped - a peasant son - a stone rocked, rolled, trees were broken in the garden.

Under the stone there is an iron door behind seven locks, ten stamps, and a cellar behind the door. In the basement there are three heroes of the warriors, on the walls a military weapon is hanged. They brought out the horses and began to choose their own weapons. Everyone took his weapon in the heart. Ivan Tsarevich on the horse is a gilded sword, in the hands of a golden sword. Ivan Popovich, silver-plated on a horse's head, has a silver spear in his hands. And Vanyushka is a peasant son, a sledgehammer in a horse's head, in the hands of a iron baton.

Only they drove to the palace, to the curtain's porch, the queen ran out of the gorenka (1), with tears flooded:

- My dear sons, attacked our country terrible enemies, furious snakes, go to us through the river Smorodina, through a clean Kalinov bridge! All people were dying around, the land was ruined, the neighboring kingdoms were burned with fire.

"Do not cry, mother, let's leave Smorodina River, do not let the serpent through Kalinov bridge."

In a word, they got together - they went. Come to the river Smorodina, see - all over the shore of human bones, everything burned around the fire, all the land is watered with Russian blood. Kalinova Bridge has a hut on the chicken legs.

- Well, brothers, - says Ivan Tsarevich, - here we live and watch, not to let enemies through the Kalinov bridge. Let's keep the guard in turn.

Cast lots It was possible to watch the first night Ivan-tsarevich, the second - to Ivan Popovich, and the third - Vanyushka.

The night has come. Nadal Ivan Tsarevich golden armor, took the sword, went to the patrol.

Waiting-day-quiet - quietly on the river Smorodina. Leg Ivan Tsarevich under a rocky bush, and he fell asleep with a hero's sleep. But Vanyushka does not sleep in the hut, does not lie, the saddle swings under his head. Standing Vanyushka, took a baton of iron, went to the Smorodina River. And at Kalinov's bridge, under the bush, Ivan the Tsarevich sleeps and snores, as the forest rushes.

Suddenly the water was excited in the river, the eagles cracked on the oaks - the Miraculous six-headed snake was leaving. How dyhknet on all sides - for three miles everything burned fire! He stabbed his horse with a foot on the Kalinov bridge. The Ivan the Peasant's son had fallen here:

"Are you where with your paw on a clean Kalinov bridge?"

Vanyushka jumped out, fluttering with a clump of iron - three heads, like a goat, drove; waved one more time, three more mischief. He cut off his head, put it under the bridge, pushed the body to the river. He went to the hut and sleeped down.

In the morning, Ivan Tsarevich returned from the watch. His brothers are asking,

"What, prince, how was the night?"

- Quiet, brothers. I did not fly past me and fly.

Sits Vanyushka, keeps silent.

The next night went to the guard Ivan Popovich. Waiting-day-quiet - quietly on the river Smorodina. Leg Ivan Popovich under a rocky bush, and he fell asleep with a hero's sleep. Between the night Vanyuk took the iron stick, went to the Smorodina River. And at the Kalinova bridge, under the bush, Ivan Popovich sleeps and snores, as the forest rushes.

Suddenly, in the river of water, they were excited, the eagles cracked on the oaks - the Miraculous nine-headed serpent departed. Under it, the horse stumbled, the raven on his shoulder fluttered, behind the dog bristled.

The nine-headed serpent was crushed:

"What do you, dog meat, stumble upon, you, crows a feather, trembling, you, peasant wool, bristles! No to me in the whole world of the enemy!

The crows answer him from the right shoulder:

- There is an opponent in your world - Russian hero Ivan - a peasant son.

- Ivan - the peasant's son was not born, and if he was born, then it was not good for the war, I will put him on the palm, another will come to me - only wetly will become.

Vanyushka was crushed:

"They did not boast, the enemy is power!" Caught a clear falcon, it's too early to pinch the feathers without breaking with a good young man, bragging early.

Here they agreed, they struck - only the earth moaned around. Miraculously, Ivan killed nine-headed serpent's ankle in the ground. Vanyushka got up, got out, waved a baton - three heads of a serpent, like a goatman, carried away.

- Stand, Ivan - the peasant son give me, Miracles, rest!

- What is your disappointment, enemy power! You have nine goals, and I have one.

Ivanushka flipped over, and three other heads were thrown away, and the Miracle-Joe struck him, kneeling down the ground. Here Vanyushka was picked up, grabbed a handful of earth and threw the snake in his eyes.

While the snakes were rubbing his eyes, he cleared his eyebrows, Ivan, a peasant son, clasped his three heads. He cut off the head, put it under the bridge, threw the body into the water.

In the morning-light came back from the watchman Ivan Popovich, his brothers asked:

- And what, popovich, how did the night pass?

- Quiet, brothers. Only the mosquito squealed over the ear.

Here Vanyushka led them to the Kalinov bridge, showed them the serpent's head:

"Ah, you are unproductive!" Would you fight - you would be lying on the stove at home!

The third night is going to Vanyushka's watch. He wears boar boots (2), wearing hemp shirts, sentences the older brothers:

- Bratts are cute, I go to a terrible battle, lie down - do not sleep, listen to my cry.

Here stands Vanyushka near the Kalinov bridge, behind it the Russian land. It was time for midnight, they were excited at the river, the eagles broke in the oaks. The Serpent Gorynich, the Miracle-door twelve-headed, leaves. A horse under it on twelve wings, a wool of an iron horse, a tail and a mane of fire.

A serpent entered the Kalinov bridge. Here the horse stumbled under him, the raven on his shoulder fluttered, behind the dog bristled. Miracle to the horse wicker on the thighs, the crow is on the feathers, the dog is on the ears.

- What do you, dog meat, stumble upon, you, crows a feather, trembling, you, peasant wool, bristles? Do you think Ivan is a peasant son here? Yes, if he was born yes and did not fit into the war, I just drown - from him, dust will remain.

Struck here Vanyushka, jumped out:

"Do not be fought with a good young man, early, Miracles, boast!"

Vanyushka fluttered, knocked down three heads of the snake, and the serpents pushed him along the ankle into the ground, picked up his three heads, and screamed at them with a fiery finger, all the heads growing up, as if the age had not fallen. Flashed to Russia with fire - for three miles all burned around.

They see Vanyushka: it's a bad thing. He grabbed the pebbles, threw them into the hut, to give the brothers a sign. All the windows dropped out, the staves in the chips went away - the brothers slept, they did not hear.

He gathered the strength of Vanyushka, waved his baton, knocked down six heads of the snake. The snake fluttered with a fiery finger - the heads were grown, as if the age had not fallen, and Vanyushka had killed him in the ground with his knees. I dug with fire - six miles to burn Russian soil.

Withdrew Vanyushka forged belt, thrown into the hut - to the brothers a sign to submit. The roof was tattered, the oaks were rolling, the brothers slept, they snored as the forest rushed.

Vanyushka gathered his last strength, swung his baton, struck the nine-headed snake. The whole earth chewed, the water slipped, the eagles fell from the oaks. The serpent Gorynych grabbed his head, shouted with a fiery finger, his head grows, as if the age had not fallen, and Vanyushka was beating the belt in the ground. I dug with fire - twelve versts burned the Russian land.

Removed Vanyushka gloves hemp, thrown into the hut - to the brothers a sign to submit. The hut on the logs shook. Brothers broke up, jumped out. See - the river Smorodina has grown up, with blood from the Kalinovsky bridge, on the Russian soil stands a groan, on a strange land, a raven crows. Brothers rushed to help Vanyushka. Battle Battalion went here. Wonderful fire with smoke, smoke smoke. Ivan Tsarevich beats with a sword, Ivan Popovich spears a whale. The earth is moaning, the water is boiling, the raven rages, the dog is shaking.

Vanyushka was hanged and cut off the snake with a fiery finger. Here the brothers began to beat-bite, cut off the snake all twelve heads, torn the body and threw it.

The Kalinov bridge was defended.

In the morning, Ivan the Peasant's son came out early in the clean field, the land began to get rid of himself, turned his arm and flew into the serpent's kingdom. Ivanushka flew to the serpent's palace, dropped to the window. They sit in the white stone chamber three snake wives, tears pour:

"Ivan killed our beloved husbands, orphaned small sons!" How will we revenge the Ivan the peasant's son and his brothers?

The older woman's golden hair flutters, says in a loud voice:

"Let me go hungry, I will go out on my way, I'll become an apple tree." Whoever destroys my apple will die instantly.

The average wife's silver hair flutters, in a loud voice says:

- And I will let dry, a thirst for a great one, myself will become a well with a key water. Whoever drinks my water will die at once.

The third wife copes her hair in a loud voice, saying:

"And I will let my eyes go to my eyes, I will turn myself into a tight bed, a feather bed feather." Who will lie on the bed - will burn with fire.

All Ivanushka listened, everything was on his heart. I flew into a clean field, the ground was getting bogged down, became a good young man. He went to the sentinel hut, woke the brothers and said:

" My sweet brothers , we killed the kites - the sergeants remained. It is necessary to ruin the nest itself, to spread the ash, or it will not be on the Kalinovsky bridge of rest.

Here are gathered, the bridge moved, went to the serpent's kingdom. They go, go, around the yard, the garden, or the field - all burned by fire. The brothers began to complain about starvation, and Ivanushka was silent. Suddenly see - there is an apple tree, and on the apple are golden apples. The brothers were glad, horses chase, they hurried to the apple, and Vanyushka jumped forward and let's cut the apple, tread, press the apples - only moan and crackle went. Brothers are angry, and Ivanushka is silent.

Going on. Have a long time, shortly, there was a terrible heat, and not a river or a key around. Suddenly they see - in the yellow sand, on a steep abbey there is a well of gold with key water, on the water a glass of gold swims. Brothers rushed to the well, and Ivanushka was ahead. He began to chop down the well, to muddy water, to trample a glass of wine - only a moan and a crack on the steppe went. Brothers are angry, and Ivanushka is silent.

Well, they went further. Have a short time, shortly, attacked the brothers' sleep, rolled up a droplet. The eyes themselves close, the heroes in the saddles swing, the mane fall into the horses. Suddenly see - there is a terry bed, featherbed featherbed. Brothers hurry to bed, and Ivanushka ahead of everyone, they do not let them lie.

Brethren broke, swatted for swords, rushed to Ivanushka, and Ivanushka said to them:

"Ah, my beloved brothers, I saved you from death, and you will humble yourselves!" Well, look here, Russian warriors.

Ivanovka seized the falcon from the right shoulder, threw it on the bed - the falcon burned with fire. Brothers gasped. Here they cut the bed into small chunks, filled with golden sand.

The Russian warriors traveled to the serpent's palace, the palace was burned, the ashes were scattered in the wind, and returned home with glory.

(1) Gorenka, a roomy room - in the old days the upper floor room was called.

(2) Felted boots - boots made of fresh skin, made from a skin of a young cow.