White Duck - Folk

Literature of antiquity and the Middle Ages - Summary - 2019

White Duck

One prince married a beautiful princess and had no time yet to look at her, had time to speak with her, had not had time to listen to her, but they had to part with them, they had to go to a long way, to leave their wife in someone else's hands. What to do! It is said that the age does not hang around.

Many cried the princess, many princes persuaded her, commanded not to leave the high tram, not to go to conversation, with bad people do not rush, thin speeches do not obey. The princess promised to do everything. The prince left; she locked in her privacy and does not go out.

Was it a long time, shortly, a woman came to her, it seemed like so simple, hearty!

- What, - says, - you miss? At least the light of God would look, even if it was going through the garden, it would be a joke.

For a long time the princess refused, did not want to, finally thought: the garden did not look like trouble - and went. The crystal water was poured into the garden.

- What, - says the woman, - the day is so hot, the sun is burning, and the water is studenaya and splashes, does not we bathe here?

- No, no, I do not want to! - And then he thought: do not bother to bathe! Sarafanchik threw off and jumped into the water. Just plunged, the woman hit her on the back.

- You swim, - speaks, - white sting!

And the princess sailed with a white knot.

The witch immediately dressed in her dress, took off, smeared and sat down to expect the prince.

Only the puppy whispered, the bell snapped, she was running to meet, rushed to the prince, kissed, adored. He was glad, he handed his hands and did not recognize her.

And the white duck put the testicles, brought out the children: two good ones, and the third one was a scallop; and her daughters came out - kids.

She raised them, they began walking along the river, grab fishing fish, collecting flaps, khatchenchiki sew, and jump on the shore, and peep at the meadow.

- Oh, do not go there, children! - said the mother. Children did not listen; Today they will play on grass, tomorrow they will run along the ant, further, and further - and climbed to the prince's yard.

The witch recognized their instincts, their teeth fluttering. She called for the children, she fed, drank, and laid down a bed, and there she ordered the fire to be laid, the boilers to be hang, the knives to be sharpened.

Two brothers fell and fell asleep; and the zamorishka, in order not to cold, ordered them to wear a mother in a crotch, - they do not sleep in a zamoryshek and do not sleep, everyone hears, sees everything. At night, the witch came to the door and asked:

- Are you singing, children, is not it?

Zamoishek responds:

- We sleep - do not sleep, we think that we want to cut all of us; the lights are poured, the boilers hang loose, the knives get booty!

- Do not sleep!

The witch left, walked, walked, again under the door:

"Sleep, baby, or not?"

Duck again says the same thing:

"We sleep - do not sleep, we think that they want to cut us all; the lights are put up by the kilns, the boilers are harsh, the knives are blowing!

"What is this all one voice?" - the witch thought, opened the door slowly, he saw: both brothers slept with a strong dream, immediately passed them with a dead hand - and they died.

In the morning a white duck calls children; the kids will not go away. Her heart was shaking her, she twitched and flew to the princely courtyard.

At the prince's yard, the white ones were like blankets, cold like plasters, the fellows were lying next to them.

She rushed toward them, rushed, flipped her fingers, cuffed her babies and cried out in her mother's voice:

- My dear, my daughters of Krya, hell, doves,

I caught you by need,

I cured you with tears,

Dark night did not sleep well,

Slowly, I lost my head.

"Wife, do you hear anymore?" Duck is reprimanded.

- It's yours! Take a duck out of the yard to drive!

She will be driven out, she will fly over again and again to the children:

- Kry, hell , my children.

Death, hell, doves.

The old witch has been killed by you, the old

witch is a terrible snake, the

snake is ferocious, and is subclinical.

He took away your father's father

My father's father , my husband,

He drowned us in a fast rivulet,

Не turned us into white ducks,

And he lives - greatly.

"Eh!" - the prince thought, and shouted:

"Catch me a white knife!"

Everyone threw, and a white duck flies and is not given to anyone; ran the prince himself, she fell to his hands on her hands. He took her by the wing and said:

"Become a white birch behind me, and the red girl is ahead!

The white birch stretched out behind him, and the red girl was ahead, and in the red maid the prince recognized her young princess.

They immediately caught the magpies, tied two bubbles to her, ordered them to drink water in one, and in another speaker. Soroka flew, brought water. They sprinkled the clothes with living water - they burst forth, spattered with the speaker, they spoke.

And the prince became a whole family, and began to live, to live, to gain good, to spare it badly.

And the witch was tied to the horse tail, opened the field: where the leg was torn off - there was a poker; where is the hand - there rake; where is the head - there is a bush and a deck. The bird struck - the meat was pounded, the winds went up - the bones were scattered, and there was no trace or memory left of it!