Love for freedom in the works of G. Byron - Lord George Gordon Byron

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Love for freedom in the works of G. Byron
Lord George Gordon Byron

George Byron was one of the founders and the brightest representative of literary and philosophical romanticism. This trend for the first time declared the inherent value of a creative person, opposing it to the cautious, conservative dictates of mediocrity. The tragic gap between the individual and society, the incomprehensibility and loneliness of the poet, his right to self-realization not only in literature, but also in his personal life - these are the values that formed the basis of Byron's work.

Byron's desire for freedom was not a poetic declaration, the poet not only sympathized with the freedom fighters, he personally took part in the liberation war of the Greek people. Byron saw heroes and death with his own eyes. In the poem\"You ended your life way...\" he refers to the hero who selflessly fought for freedom. Death for your people, your native land is the path of any soldier, but none of them will be forgotten.

As long as your people are free,

He cannot forget you.

You fell! But your blood flows

Not on the ground, but in our veins...

The hero should not be mourned, his feat must be glorified, only then his name will be preserved for centuries and will not be forgotten:

But there will be no tears in the eyes:

Crying would offend the glorious dust.

Byron died in Greece. The people mourned him as a national hero. The English poet never counted himself among the heroes, he simply fought against enslavement shoulder to shoulder with the common people, sang in verse the courage and mind of a person, loved and valued life as the only gift that cannot be repeated, but it can be glorified.