Good storyteller Hans Christian Andersen - Andersen Hans Christian

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Good storyteller Hans Christian Andersen
Andersen Hans Christian

In a small country near the blue sea lived a poor shoemaker. A cheerful disposition and golden hands were all he had. His wife washed linen for the gentlemen and took care of the poor gentleman. In this family grew up a boy, thin and pale, whose name was Hans. Above all, the boy loved to dream, listen to folk songs and fairy tales, and also to walk among flowers. Hans grew up and decided to become a poet and actor. For this he went to the largest city of a small country.

Years passed, and the young man became a writer. Hans dreamed of family happiness. He wanted very much that he, who was not rich and not very handsome, would be loved by a real Little Mermaid - a girl with a fish tail, but with a sincere human heart.

Mermaids live far away in the sea, where the water is clear and blue. Once one of them fell in love with a young prince, but little mermaids can't walk on the ground! The Little Mermaid had to give her tongue to the witch in order to become completely like a real girl. The path of her love for the prince was long and not entirely happy. And the Little Mermaid disappeared, turned into sea foam.

More than a hundred years have passed since the death of the good storyteller, but his tales are still read to children all over the world. A monument to Andersen was built in Copenhagen, the entrance to the port is guarded by a statue of the Little Mermaid - the heroine of one of the most charming and saddest tales of the great Dane.