Magic in the fairy tale “The Snow Queen” - Andersen Hans Christian

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Magic in the fairy tale “The Snow Queen”
Andersen Hans Christian

How I would like to be in a real fairy tale! Gain the ability to turn into birds and animals, learn to use living and dead water, receive a gift from a powerful sorcerer ... Or set off on an adventure full of adventures in search of an enchanted friend, as Gerda did from the fairy tale by H. K. Andersen. However, in this tale you need to be on the alert, because magic here is more trouble than good. Troubles and misfortunes are brought to people by fragments of the troll's magical mirror scattered around the world. The beautiful Snow Queen freezes with her touches and kisses.

Even the old sorceress with her wonderful comb and amazing garden only hinders the continuation of the path of the little heroine. Yes, here you can talk to animals, but they are all languishing on a leash of a reckless little robber. So it turns out that the most important thing, the most beautiful miracle, is performed in this fairy tale not by a magician, but by a simple girl Gerda. Having overcome all the trials, she not only finds Kai, but also melts the ice in his heart, breaking the spells of both the troll and the Snow Queen.

I really like the wonderful fairy tale by H. K. Andersen "The Snow Queen". In it, familiar to us, ordinary things miraculously coexist with magic and fiction.

The life of the main characters, Kai and Gerda, is the same as that of other children. They help an old grandmother with housework, play, listen to interesting stories. But then one day the Snow Queen looks into their window - and the fairy tale begins.

A fragment of the devil's mirror gets into Kai's eye and heart, and he forgets his past. The Snow Queen takes him with her to her ice palace.

Faithful and loving Gerda goes in search of her named brother. What only miracles and dangers do not meet on its way. So she gets to the old woman-sorceress, who with the help of a magic comb deprives her of her memory. For a long time, the girl lives in her house and admires the wonderful garden in which "flowers of all seasons" bloom.

Then Gerda meets the prince and princess, who, as children, already rule the state, and very reasonably. And what about the wise court ravens, talking animals and birds?..

But the most wonderful thing is that Gerda manages to find Kai, cast a spell on him and return home.

The fairy tale "The Snow Queen" teaches us not to lose faith in miracles and remember that magic is always somewhere nearby.